Canna Bath Founder Jessica Bernardo On How CBD And Relaxation Are The Perfect Duo

Ready to elevate your self-care routine? Canna Bath’s CBD-infused bath bombs, bubble baths, body oils, salts and lotions—including a new line with Sweet July—fits the bill.

The foundation for Canna Bath Co. began in Jessica Bernardo’s kitchen. Bernardo, also a trained massage therapist, was fueled by her dedication to creating homemade solutions to body aches.


Seven years later, Canna Bath Co. offers more than 20 products that infuse CBD with essential oils and other natural ingredients, with the goal of facilitating holistic healing and stress relief. 


Sweet July chats with Bernardo about the benefits of incorporating CBD into daily routines and what people just getting started with their CBD journey should keep in mind. 


What needs are you solving with your CBD-infused products?

Jessica Bernardo: My products help with anxiety. They help with [relaxation]. With the aromatherapy, they’re already relaxing. My muscle relief blends are already going to help with your muscle aches and pains. I wanted the CBD to be an added ingredient…I wanted to have really good products on their own, with CBD to enhance the relaxation and enhance the pain relief, especially for tired moms. I wanted them to be able to go in the bathroom and get their peace.

Courtesy of Canna Bath Co.

Can you walk us through some of the benefits of CBD for topical use and why you think people should incorporate it into their routines?

JB: Because they’re not ingested, these products aren’t going into your bloodstream, but they are going to provide localized, targeted relief for areas of discomfort. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, so it’s going to soak up anything you put on it. So if you soak in an Epsom salt bath, it’s going to help with infections, it’s going to help with muscle pain. Same with CBD, topically. 

I think applying it topically gives more people the ability to try it without being scared—you know [with fears like], “I don’t want to eat it” or “What if it goes into my system?” This is kind of like the starter kit.


What are some tips you can share for people just getting started with their CBD journey?

JB: I would definitely start with a topical product like this topical CBD oil if I were interested in trying it out for the first time. The CBD body oil that we have with Sweet July, it’s actually a massage oil as well. It’s going to enhance anything that you already do for self-care, but just make it like 100 times better. 


What are your thoughts on the new line of Canna Bath products in partnership with Sweet July?

JB: When I created this product, I envisioned [my client] as someone who really cares about what they’re putting in and on their body. [Ayesha] represents exactly what my product is about. She’s my ideal customer and her customer base is my ideal customer, too.



This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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