What does it mean to find your Sweet July? It’s different for everyone. To help in your reflection, ask yourself these questions: What makes me happy? What’s my why? What do I live for? What matters to me? Above all, finding your Sweet July means embracing the big and small moments that make life worth living.

We asked our Sweet July team and extended community the same question. Here are some of the responses:

“My Sweet July is watching the kiddos wake up late and happy during their summer break and enjoying lazy days in the pool and on the trampoline.” – Ayesha Curry, Founder of Sweet July

“My Sweet July is sitting by a campfire as the sun goes down with a glass of wine.”

“My Sweet July is watching and recording my oversized babies as they sleep. Although they have their own beds, they tend to sleep together—all cuddly and peaceful, forgetting about any the entire day of fighting one another. I am also able to steal numerous kisses during this time.”

“My Sweet July is unspooling a new ball of yarn to start a crochet project.”

“My Sweet July is the premiere day of the newest season of a show I love.”

“My Sweet July is seeing how excited my 8-year-old sister is to show me her latest dance move or soccer skill on FaceTime.”

“My Sweet July is pulling out my kitchen aid and attempting to bake a new dessert.”

“My Sweet July is watching a movie I’ve seen 100 times and reciting all the words.”

“My Sweet July is long chats with my mom and dad during my daily commute home from work.”

“My Sweet July is the California Central Valley’s own, Me n Ed’s Pizza—IYKYK”

“My Sweet July is the hard laugh after a good cry with my best friends.”

“My Sweet July is hearing a song for the first time and getting goosebumps.”

“My Sweet July is dancing with my nieces and nephews during a big family party.”

“My Sweet July is sitting on my mom’s porch on a summer evening. Her citrus trees block the street visuals and when the neighborhood is quiet it’s dark and chill.”

“My Sweet July is continuing to count my blessings and enjoying this simple life by walking my two dogs around the lake and connecting with nature.”

“My Sweet July is sitting with my family at the dinner table and sharing our favorite part of the day.”

“My Sweet July is the feeling of a fresh start, especially because I accomplished most of my goals in the first six months. So it’s like ‘onto the next’ with a feeling and a certainty that I can do whatever ‘next’ is.”

So, we’ll ask you again. What’s your Sweet July?

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