Five Ways To Celebrate Your Friends On Galentine’s Day

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Set aside the day before Valentine’s Day to honor the platonic relationships in your life.

Society’s constant focus on romantic love leaves us with very little guidance on how to honor the other loves in our lives. Luckily, Galentine’s Day, which takes place the day before Valentine’s Day (established by the show Parks and Recreation), emerged in February 2010 as a great way to honor these relationships. 


One of the best parts of this “holiday” is that there’s no script to celebrating. But for some, that also presents a challenge: We deserve to make space to acknowledge our platonic and familial relationships, but how? 


Below are five ways to commemorate your most important connections:


Boozy Potluck

Let’s be real: nobody wants to take on too much domestic work during the week. So dividing and conquering tasks is an ideal way to organize a get together. Assign the dishes and drinks (or provide them)—and don’t forget the dessert, it’s really important. Braymar wines is a great Black-owned wine brand to consider, or if you’re more into mixed beverages, order some cocktail bombs that simplify cocktail-making.


After dinner, keep things going with some fun games. Galentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for activities that deepen connections. What are some things you always wanted to ask your friends but never had the guts to? Write them down on small pieces of paper, put them in a hat, pick them out one by one and get to know each other even more. If you want the work already done for you, games like LikeUWe’re Not Really Strangers, and {THE AND} Friends Edition are good options. 


Night Out (Without Romantic Partners)

Life can get so busy that we forget how great it is just to go out dancing with friends. Invoke the early days of your friendships when you’d get ready to go out together and just enjoy the process: blasting music in your apartment while sipping on a drink or doing make-up. Start early with some lush face masks to make this night extra special. 


The only rule: no partners allowedthis is only for you and your friends. Focus on making new memories together.


PowerPoint Party

What do you love about your friends? What are some of your favorite moments with them? Did you go through something together that meant a lot to you? Challenge each other to write it all down on PowerPoint slides and present the final results. Make sure to include photos, videos and kind words.


New Experience

If you and your friends are adventurous, celebrate Galentine’s Day by trying a new experience together. You could go on a lunch cruise or a food tour in a major city, or even something active like indoor skydiving or a kayaking tour. Immersive adventures are a sure-fire way to strengthen your bond. 


Gift Exchange

Everyone doesn’t have the time to reunite—especially during the week—so gift-giving is a nice alternative. Your gift could nod to something you’ll do with your friends in the future, like these beautiful puzzles from RVL Wellness Co. Or if it’s a stressful time, consider something that will bolster their self-care routine, like a candle, face mask or hair mask. The most important thing is to be thoughtful and to let your friends know that they deserve love, rest and care.

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