Quality coffee on the go? We’ve got you: Our Sweet July House Blend now comes in convenient single-serve bags, so all you need is hot water for a specialty beverage at a moment’s notice.

We’ve rounded up three ways to work our Single Serve Coffee into your morning routine—or to inspire a brand-new ritual any time of day!

Froth Things Up

I drop one Single Serve pouch in a large mug and cover it with 5 ounces of near boiling water, let it steep for 5-7 minutes, then remove the pouch. I froth up some oat milk in my Nespresso Aeroccino (highly recommend) with a tiny dash of vanilla extract. Pour that over the top and give it one quick stir. It’s a café quality vanilla latte made at home. 

Tea Tales

I’m equal parts coffee and tea drinker so our Sweet July single serve is everything I love and more! I keep it real simple: I put the bag into a mug, pour hot water over, let it steep for a bit (longer if I want it stronger or less if I want a lighter brew), and enjoy! If I want to add a bit of sweetness, my guilty pleasure is French vanilla coffee mate. My favorite thing about single serve is how quick and convenient it is. I live alone, so sometimes making a large pot of coffee is wasteful, especially if I’m running out the door. Sweet July Single Serve gives me my quick coffee fix without sacrificing quality.

Just (Cold) Brew It

I like to take my Sweet July Single Serve coffee with me when I’m traveling! It makes it easy to “grab a cup of coffee” when I’m not at home but want something I know will taste good, and all I have to do is add hot water. I also like to make the Cold Brew version when I want something a little stronger. I usually drink my single serve with just a splash of oat milk and a couple dashes of cinnamon!


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