Solo Glamping: The Ultimate Self-Loving Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day​

Glamping is the perfect choose-your-own-adventure experience for connecting with yourself in new ways.

Whether you’re partnered or single, dating or taking a break from romance altogether, Valentine’s Day is always an ideal opportunity to focus on self-love. 


In our romance-obsessed society, Valentine’s Day becomes all about celebrating beloved partnerships, but the holiday can be even more fulfilling when you spend it investing in arguably the most important love story: the one we write with ourselves. 


You can always have an exciting and relaxing solo Valentine’s Day at home, but if adventure is calling your name this year, glamping is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday of love. From spa days to self-sufficiency skills, here’s why you should consider glamping solo for Valentine’s Day: 


You Learn How To Be Self-Sufficient

People often think of glamping as a cop-out to camping and assume that there are no opportunities to learn any self-sufficiency skills. But that’s not true. Some glamping experiences come with private chefs and others just come with pre-chopped firewood. Some come with decked-out trailers and others come with tents that have just been glammed up with a few firefly lights. Basically, you can customize your glamping spot based on the type of experience you want to have. 


I brought the tools I needed to make my own fire at my glamping site in Sonoma California’s Autocamp Russian River. But when I was too tired to blow over flames repeatedly, it helped to just use the charcoal fluid that Autocamp had on hand to cook food and make s’mores. I felt like I could choose the level of engagement and effort I wanted to put into camping without feeling stuck or panicked if something didn’t work out. The night was truly in no one else’s hands but mine.


You’re Immersed In Diverse Activities To Help You Grow

Glamping spots often provide easier access to activities that can help bring you closer to a more authentic version of yourself. When I was younger, I was enthusiastic about equestrianism. But as I got older and moved into more bustling cities, my passion became harder to maintain. At Autocamp Russian River, via Triple Creek Horse Outfit, I had a two-hour trail ride with the sweetest horse through the wine vineyards. Connecting to a part of myself that was left behind with childhood gave me a feeling of wholeness. Tending to our passions is a core part of loving ourselves. 

You Have Time To Explore Towns Nearby

In my experience, glamping spots are often located near interesting towns that not only offer a change of pace but an opportunity to practice independence and out-of-comfort experiences, like dining alonewhich is a self-love must and a pleasure we should all take more advantage of. In Guerneville, the town Autocamp Russian River is located in, I took a break from roasting my own food over the fire and went on a little solo date to Brot, a German restaurant that serves local meat, produce, beer and wine. It was awkward to eat alone at first, surrounded by so many couples and families. But slowly, I began to enjoy eating Bavarian pretzels and my Wurst Plate from my seat near the window, taking time to observe the town and even journal.


You Can Have A Mini-Spa Day

I love regular camping, but one major thing glamping tends to have going for it is the opportunity to feel pretty. Autocamp Russian River came with a rainfall shower, luxurious bath products and super soft towels. I was able to come back from hiking and do a mini-spa day for myself right in my trailer, complete with face masks and a little pedicure. I appreciate glamping for not making us choose between connecting to the outdoors and feeling completely fresh. 


You Have Plenty Of Opportunities To Disconnect

It’s common for people to assume that because glamping tends to be more connected—to WiFi, to other people, to plumbing—that it’s not enough of a meditative experience. But I found my glamping experience to be filled with opportunities for solitary reflection. Whether I was hiking in the quiet, amongst ancient Redwoods in the Armstrong Woods Historic State Preserve, drinking wine alone outside by my fire, or even connecting my Roku to the TV in my trailer and streaming my favorite Bollywood movies from childhood on Netflix, there were so many times that I felt that delicious sensation of restorative solitude. I could connect when I wanted and disconnect when I wanted.

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