Let us help you choose your next book! Welcome to Sweet Reads, a curation of titles hand-selected by our Sweet July community.

Summer is winding down, but here at Sweet July, we’re always in a beach state of mind. We’ve called upon our team and extended community to round up a list of our favorite summer reads that will shift you into vacation mode any time of year.

For lovers of Beauty and the Beast, this new take on the old classic does not disappoint. I had so much fun catching all the Disney references but also appreciated all the modern-day spins. You’ll speed through this romance! – Ayesha Curry, Founder, Sweet July

This tear-jerker was the perfect summer, easy read. I finished during the span of one vacation trip and Lily’s journey throughout the book kept me turning page after page. I couldn’t stop talking about it once I finished – which was no problem seeing as though all my girlfriends had either already read it or were reading it at the time! – Hannah-joy Krishna, Executive Assistant, Sweet July

This sweet and sultry read about familial bonds and romantic relationships that stand the test of time will have you laughing, crying, and sweating (and not just because of the summer heat). A perfect page turner for the beach—or anywhere. – Brianne Garrett, Managing Editor, Sweet July

I’m not usually a fan of romance novels but I thoroughly enjoyed Book Lovers and highly recommend it as a fun summer read. The book follows the story of two New Yorkers, not strangers but far from friends, stuck in the same small town in North Carolina. The writing is witty, the characters are relatable, and the story has enough twists and turns to keep you enthralled from cover to cover– Danielle Iturbe, President, Sweet July

Elaine keeps it real about her struggles as a young woman and her triumphs in work and in life. This book helps empower young readers to speak up about their passions and what they believe in, no matter what the outcome may be. – Soraya Salgadoe, Product Marketing Coordinator, Sweet July

Covering familiar artists like Diana Ross, to unsung heroes of the 90s like Deniece Williams, Danyel Smith‘s Shine Bright is a great summer read for music history lovers and people looking for insights on their favorite dance artists.– Michal Beaumont, Development Executive, Sweet July Productions
It’s a classic that my mom shared with me at the start of my spiritual journey. Now that I’m in a different space, I love to revisit old gems with new wisdom. – Amber the Alchemist, Sweet July/Sweet Scopes Columnist 

I was amazed by how Hamid consistently has his finger on the cultural pulse of the world. Hamid paints a magical picture of migration and a world without borders all through the lens of modern day love. While the outcome may not be ideal, it did give me hope. – Shilpa Shah, Cofounder of Cuyana

“This book is as easily digestible as a scroll through social media, but more uplighting, enlightening, and memorable.” – Tina Lifford, Founder of the Inner Fitness Project 

 It’s not often I get to dive deep into powerful pages and see myself. Viola’s courage, strength, perseverance and undeniable talent are just the tip of the iceberg of her groundbreaking story. I was in love with this book because it made me fall deeper in love with myself and owning my own story flaws and all! – Deja Riley Izydorczyk, Creator of Deja Riley Athletics, Global Ambassador for lululemon, Fitness Instructor for Mirror, Director of Culture for Fit For Us 

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