Letter From Ayesha: Fall/Winter 2021

It’s all about the intention.

As seen in the pages of Sweet July Magazine. Get the Fall/Winter 2021 Issue here!




After the year we’ve had, it feels odd to even be talking about celebrations. Especially since, as a country, we’re still living in the uncertainty of what the coming months will look like. But what I’ve come to acknowledge, and I suppose one good thing that’s come out of this pandemic, is that celebrations are about the intention you put into them and nothing else. So the meal doesn’t turn out exactly as planned, or the gathering doesn’t fall squarely on the day you traditionally celebrate. Flights get canceled, and the ham you ordered mistakenly gets shipped to Virginia. If the pandemic has given us anything, it’s perspective. Things are not simply going to go as expected, and—say it with me—“That’s OK!” Have grace with yourself; have patience for others. Roll with the punches. You might be surprised to find that the outcome is even better than you had hoped. My intention for this issue is an unadulterated celebration of food. It is the thing in this world that brings me immense joy and allows me to spread joy to the people around me. Food is a vessel for storytelling and connection, which is illustrated throughout the pages of this issue. You’ll also find recipes—lots and lots of delicious recipes appropriate for celebrations of all shapes and sizes. I hope they find a place on your table. Love and gratitude to you all.








Photography by Katie Mccurdy; Styling by Sherri Mcmullen; Hair by Sonia Cosey; Makeup by Ashley Bias; Set design by Suzie Holmstrom /Aubri Balk Inc; Production by Kiori Georgiadis/Hinoki Group


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