Letter From Ayesha: Spring/Summer 2022

The best investment.
As seen in the pages of Sweet July Magazine. Get the Spring/Summer 2022 Issue here!

The word investment evokes many thoughts and emotions for different people. For some, it’s strictly about finances and for others, it can represent the time and devotion put into nearly anything. In this issue, we wanted to feature all the many facets of investing, whether in jobs, finance, family, passion, or even self-care.


For 2022, self-care has been a major focus for me when it comes to investing. I’ve realized over the past couple of months that taking care of myself is, in fact, not selfish but the smartest and most responsible thing I can do and invest in. I have begun to understand that if I feel full and whole, it trickles down into my day-to-day, my relationships, and my overall well-being.


The Sweet July team and I have learned so much through this issue, from understanding the intimidating world of cryptocurrencies to seeing the value of saffron. We hope that the content across these pages inspires the spirit of investing in you.


With love and gratitude,




Photography by Vanessa Granda; Styling by Sherri Mcmullen; Hair by Sonia Cosey; Makeup by Ashley Bias; Manicure by Sonia “G” Molina; Set Design by James M. Rene; Production by Hinoki Productions



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