Ode To Us Is A Space For Womanhood And Motherhood To Live In Harmony

Featured image: Erica Génécé
Sweet July shines a light on the winner of our 2023 National Black Business Month campaign: a community, resource hub and marketplace for new moms and women considering motherhood.

Brittany Dandy didn’t think she would ever have kids. The digital marketing expert and brand producer had always been a go-getter professionally, and she didn’t know if raising children fit into the life she saw for herself and her husband.


Her stance slowly started to change. Her network expanded, and she had the means to start deeper self-exploration that encouraged her to reflect on why she had taken children out of the equation. “I found people to help me build a roadmap to what would make me comfortable considering motherhood,” says Dandy. And that completely changed her trajectory. 


Dandy, who now has two beautiful children, 2-and-a-half-year-old Aspen and 4-month-old Ezra, felt inspired to support other women who feel similar to how she did about motherhood. 


Brittany Dandy and her family. Photo: Erica Génécé

“I’m thankful that not wanting kids made me curious,” says Dandy. It ultimately led to the start of her brand, Ode To Us, what she calls a concierge for new moms and women who are considering the path.  


Dandy already had experience curating spaces for women, spearheading events like her Success Suppers that worked with partners, including Google to curate guest speakers, elaborate multi-course dinners and workshops promoting networking opportunities and professional development. This foundation would be useful for Ode To Us, which Dandy is growing to be a multi-faceted community. It’s a home for candid conversations hosted on social media and via Dandy’s ongoing Maybe Motherhood podcast. It’s also a connector for women feeling isolated in their decision-making process. Dandy’s latest addition is the Maybe Motherhood Membership platform. Those interested can now join the waitlist.


One of the biggest pillars of Ode To Us is ensuring that professionally-oriented women don’t feel like they have to sacrifice their careers by becoming a mom. To double down on this mindset, the brand is working on offering programming specifically centered on navigating motherhood and work.


Dandy also doesn’t want anyone to feel pressured to be at a certain point in the decision-making process. “You don’t have to be pregnant or partnered to work with us or find our resources helpful,” says Dandy. “I believe there are a ton of mental health benefits in connecting with women early on in the consideration process.”


She emphasizes that this support extends to those who ultimately determine children are not in the cards. “I want to support them, no matter the decision,” says Dandy.

Photo: Erica Génécé

Ode To Us has come a long way since Dandy launched in January of 2022. When the idea first took off, Dandy focused on one area she found was heavily lacking for soon-to-be moms: maternity fashion. “I wanted to lean into the luxury side of motherhood,” says Dandy. “We can still be classy and fashionable.” 


Fashion is still a large part of Ode To Us’ business: The online marketplace offers an array of clothing, including 4th-trimester resort wear and a new breastfeeding hoodie with a satin-lined hood that supports postpartum hair shedding, concealed zippers for pumping or nursing, and a cord-free design for infant safety.

Photo: Erica Génécé

At the heart of Ode To Us’ mission is giving women the information they need to make informed decisions about motherhood while also encouraging them to stay true to who they are. It’s especially important for women of color who are historically underrepresented and undervalued in maternal healthcare. Black women, for example, are two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white women. 


“We hope to [help] women get brave and decisive about motherhood with far less judgment and much more ease,” says Dandy. “And I hope that making women aware of all of their options helps mitigate some of the challenges [in healthcare]. We want to be part of the solution.”

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