Back Outside: Self-Care Rituals You’ll Need to Re-Establish Post Pandemic

A New Normal

It’s hard to believe that more than a year has gone by and we’re still living “together, apart”. Research shows that maintaining self-care rituals is a major part of life satisfaction and mental and physical health.


The good news is that health officials have made major strides, and the COVID-19 vaccine is now available to more and more people around the world. That also means that a new normal—you know what we’ve been waiting for—is finally here. It will be a big change, especially for how we practice self-care.


After more than 12 months of limited outside activities, most folks are really disconnected from the self-care rituals that were once a major part of their lives.


While many have made healthy modifications to their wellness routines to deal with stressors and help relax on while on lockdown, there are some great “outside only” physical and emotional self-care habits that we need to consciously swap back in now that things are changing. Here are a few—mark your calendars.

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Meet-Ups With Friends

The first time you see many of your friends will be an extremely special moment. In fact, there are countless memes describing how awesome reconnecting will be on that day—but what about afterwards? After the fireworks wear off, it will be important to create new routines to stay connected with your crew. Quality, face-to-face time gives you an opportunity to rebuild intimacy, create space to de-stress from family and make new memories. Setting up regular dates, such as monthly meet-ups, will help create a rhythm.


Back to the Salon, Spa and Barber Shop

After months of making it work with homemade haircuts and mani/pedis, trips to the beauty parlor or spa may be the furthest thing from your mind—but remember, it’s not just about the service; it’s the experience. Having your hair washed or your feet scrubbed is also a great solo time to unwind and let the stress of the week melt away. Don’t skimp here.


Hitting the Gym

Exercise videos and home gyms are great to help maintain your health—if you’re doing it. But many folks haven’t, and it’s understandable. The hustle of maintaining our health, working and tending to family—all in the home— can be mentally and physically exhausting. Luckily, the gym is a great way to relieve that stress. Getting back into a regular workout schedule will improve your health, mood and how you feel.

Written by S. Tia Brown, LMSW. Brown is a licensed therapist and writer and is for all things that bring the happy. Follow her @tiabrowntalks. Images Courtesy of TONL.



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