Sweet Scopes With Amber The Alchemist: Gemini Season 2022

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Alchemist. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

Gemini | 5 of Pentacles

Cancer | Strength

Sweet July Resistance Bands

Leo | 9 of Cups (Reversed)

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Virgo | King of Wands

Libra | Queen of Wands

If anyone knows that the healing journey isn’t linear, it’s you, honey. Tests have been thrown in your direction, but you’ve still got your eye on the prize. You may have stumbled a little, but not enough to throw you off your path. These are extremely hard cycles and patterns to steer away from, but with great sacrifice comes great reward. Gemini season blesses you with a wave of confidence and self-assurance that you’ve cultivated with the intention to never dim your light again! Some of these changes stem from your health, especially if you’ve entertained unhealthy coping mechanisms. Your health is wealth, and when you aren’t living consciously and intentionally, it trickles down to other areas of your life. Once you recognize that things outside of you are limiting your capacity to show up, you’ll become unstoppable! It is your life mission to live a balanced life, and the more imbalanced you feel, the more chaotic the world around you appears. Behind the scenes, you’ve been harnessing your energy to tackle those blockages and create great change within you. This season you’ll be invited to social events that allow you to reintroduce your elevated self to your community, especially if you’ve been super hermitty. This is your moment to shine and confidently flex a little, because you’ve worked for it. Do the most—and if anyone tells you that you’re doing too much, they likely aren’t doing enough. Dress up! Put a little more energy into your beauty and remind yourself consistently that You Are a Badass destined for greatness. Decide to show up as that person everyday. All eyes will be on you. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. This season’s mantra? “Prepare to be sick of me!”


You Are a Badass

Scorpio | The Fool

If you bet on anything, let it be on yourself! The Scorpio archetype knows that change is constant, and with every shift you emotionally purge, you’re shedding new skin (literally, too, so don’t forget to moisturize!), and embracing a new, ever-evolving aspect of self. Now that the purge is behind you, the Universe presents you with a new journey that you can’t resist. Something about this leap of faith feels unfamiliar, yet there’s this gravitational pull you can’t deny. The familiarity you are sensing this month is divine connection, a tug from the Universe that this new beginning you’re embarking upon isn’t merely an impulsive decision, it’s fate. Jump into this void space with your arms and heart open wide, and your guides will respond with glimmers of freedom to affirm your decision. By the end of the season, this thing that scares you will become the greatest source of excitement! You are a living icon, and one day you’ll be able to share the stories of the most outrageous and fascinating lives you’ve lived, simply because you said “yes.” Do not allow the weight of “what if” to pull you down. Feed your inner child with the things you were deprived of—dye your hair, get that tattoo, book a trip impulsively because you deserve it. Joy can be uncovered in unexpected places. Your faith might be challenged, but your willingness to surrender and go with the flow is the truest testament to your unwavering trust that you’re protected and supported!

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Sagittarius | 8 of Wands

It’s go time! Gemini season comes through swinging with high momentum, pushing you to take initiative on ideas, projects and plans that were delayed during the eclipse and retrograde season. This airy energy is supporting you with the strategies and connections to make things happen without anything or anyone holding you back. An opportunity for you to take a quick work trip may even sneak in, in the midst of your busy schedule. Your creative flow this month is a confidence booster, a reminder of your inner brilliance. The visions and ideas that take some people months to cultivate come naturally to you. Because of this, patience is required, as it may take a minute for others to understand what you’re trying to do. Breaks throughout the day are essential; add your naps to your calendar if you have to! Being detail-oriented is a must. Impulsiveness now can later turn into minor inconveniences, disrupting what’s already been set in stone. Channel your energy wisely and practice discernment—just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Allow yourself to wander freely as inspiration finds you wherever you plant your feet. Unravel new ways to move your body and test your agility; it will feed you with all of the energy you need to handle your business. Plus, spending more time working out means new activewear is in order! With busier days, transitional pieces are a must. Gravitate towards basics that you can dress up or dress down. You’ll get a sense that your style is maturing because you’re able to do more with less, finding new ways to style pieces that have been sitting in your closet. If the no-makeup look isn’t your thing, grab a strong setting spray or powder to hold your beat in place. By the end of the season, there will be opportunities for you to share your wisdom as a boss, leader or seasoned aficionado. The level-up in motion is a direct response to the time and energy you’ve put in throughout the years. Thank the divine for your abundance and don’t doubt what you’ve already claimed in your prayers. You’ve worked for everything that’s requesting your time and energy!

Capricorn | The Hierophant

“What will take me to the next level?” This question you’ve posed to the Universe is met with clarity this month. Your commitment to expand is nothing short of impressive; there’s always room to develop your gifts and gain access to new tools of support. As an earth sign, much of your focus is on material matters, but career, finances, relationships and business are your biggest priorities. This season, though, your attention is drawn to spiritual development. These modalities will be able to support your material endeavors, too. For example, learning more about astrological placements can tell you which dates and times are best to launch your projects. Now that you’ve identified what you’re good at, this is a chance to ask why, unraveling small details around your divine purpose and mission. In this pursuit of divine truth, you’ll be pushed to new environments and teachers that will stretch your perception and open you up to information that validates experiences and sensations from your past. Consider making investments in your spiritual development such as booking a reading, subscribing to a membership platform for educational tools, hiring a life coach or learning more about the rites and rituals of your departed loved ones. This season is one of spiritual connectedness and expansion, so keep your heart and mind open. If you don’t feel comfortable expanding your spiritual knowledge, you can still use this time to investigate your higher wisdom and how it communicates with you. When you are sure and confident about something, what signals does it send to your body? Pay attention to what your vessel needs and its response when it feels safe, triggered and all the emotions in between.


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