Sweet Scopes With Amber The Alchemist: Scorpio Season 2022

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Alchemist. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

Scorpio | 2 of Cups

Sagittarius | The Hierophant

When your dreams feel significant, write down what you remember the morning after because the Universe is coming through with receipts. Anticipate directions on how to offer your expertise to the world. Who to walk down this path with and who to avoid along the journey will also be revealed. Meditation and visualization techniques will give you a clearer vision. Seeing a fox or fox imagery will be your signal from the Universe to pay attention. They can represent trickery, deception and important lessons, so document what you’re thinking or experiencing at the time of seeing it. Consult your trusted guides for assistance—a mentor, an elder, a spiritual teacher, etc. These wise ones will be a savior to you, offering clever solutions to help you progress in your field. The level-up you’re making requires you to take a higher road and adopt new ways to problem solve, set boundaries and organize your ideas. Stay adaptable, for there is more than one way to get to the top!

Capricorn | Justice

Dedicate time to observing your energetic output in comparison to the results you’ve seen thus far. Scorpio season will support you through transitions that demand you to release commitments that no longer cater to your growth or suit the direction of your long-term goals. Leaps you are taking in your life could require you to seek legal support as you deal with important contracts such as new business partnerships, grants and investments. The Universe asks for you to be honest and receptive to what’s shown and move accordingly. New information revealed could point to karmic relationships that have felt imbalanced for quite some time. It’s natural to outgrow relationships, especially when the interactions feel more draining than encouraging. However, if the relationship is valuable to you, address your needs and hold space for the other party to address theirs as well. An honest conversation will help clear the air and solidify expectations needed to hold each other accountable in the future.

Aquarius | 8 of Pentacles

Whilst many will be exploring the depths of their emotions, this season, you’ll be tackling uncharted territory. What’s tickling your fancy? Horseback riding? NFTs? Floral arranging? Surfing, maybe? There’s something new that’s captured your eye and you are determined to learn more about it, so you will. Be sure to initiate your research first. Scorpio season is a rather studious time for you as you commit to taking your skills and talents up a notch. You’re still learning how to get a move on your ideas and not allow them to collect dust in a notebook. Take inspired action to check off your to-do list and you will be in a much better position by the end of the season. When you commit to one thing every day, the steps required to reach your goal become less intimidating and more realistic. Hone in on your process because many of you will be uncovering your life’s purpose at this time. You’ll know this is your calling because the level of excitement is unmatched! You’ll feel magnetized towards your unique gifts. A plan of action will be required. 

Pisces | 6 of Cups

In the pursuit of purpose, we often neglect our inner child and the things that once sparked joy and creativity. Travel down memory lane by reconnecting with familiar faces, rummaging through old keepsakes and flipping the pages of photo albums. You’ll be reminded of the moments in the past that helped define who you are today. What aspects of your childhood have you neglected that once brought you joy? If you’ve been spending your days obsessing over animals, it may be time to finally cave in and invest in a new pal. Lean on furry friends for companionship rather than chasing karmic relationships that may have burned you in the past. No spinning the block! There is a yearning to feel safe and supported, and one of your lessons is to not rely on others to fill that void. Your memories are reconnecting you to interests, hobbies and special gifts that were your safe space growing up. Bring comfort into your home with textured materials for sensory healing—furry slides or fluffy bath mats can add a dose of heaven. Assess your capabilities and unravel ways to turn old gifts into new blessings. Some of you will refurbish old possessions or recycle ideas from the past. 

Aries | 2 of Wands

Golden hour is your most inspired time of day. Cotton candy sunsets and gleaming landscapes invoke countless ideas to help you execute your next move. It might not be time to take those steps just yet, though. Your adventurous spirit craves new surroundings and the Universe challenges you to consider how you can use your talents, gifts, resources or ideas to fund your dreams of traveling the world or embarking on a road trip. Business owners should consider expanding their business to uncharted territory. Seeking connections in new places and embracing new faces can help you along the way. Scorpio season is a lucky time for you in networking and communicating with influential people in your field. You have impeccable taste and a life of luxury is yours to be claimed, but don’t strive to live beyond your means. What you desire requires a little more planning, investing and researching. You don’t have all of the answers just yet, but prepare to be flying soon! Make your next move your best move. 

Taurus | 7 of Wands

Sometimes the detours that happen in our life aren’t always related to what we’re doing or not doing. Everything has an energy, and energy influences us in the most subtle ways: the music we listen to, the habits we hold on to, the conversations with others, the people we follow on social media. Take all of these things into account as you’re guided to reconnect with your higher self. Engaging with too much energy can easily cause imposter syndrome paired with constant comparison. This is your time to call back your energy from all the people, places and things you’ve lent your power to. Napping, meditating or art therapy will help you recalibrate. Create a shield of protection around you by limiting your interactions with low-vibrational things that may be impacting your security, confidence, or even productivity. This will be a slower season, but if you manage your energy wisely, you’ll be closing out the season with newfound fuel and determination to end the year on a strong note. You’ll likely be traveling before the year is up, too! A getaway is exactly what you need to break free from the mundane.

Gemini | 7 of Pentacles

Be brutally honest about where you are in your journey. What’s been working and what hasn’t? When your desires change, your final destination may have a new look, too. Grow with your needs and gather strength through reading inspirational stories. If you’re at a standstill in an area of your life, welcome the new. Your luck is driven by the willingness to honor your inner guruby wisely making choices that will suit your future goals. The more honest you are about what you want, the more the world will be your oyster. Celebrate the lessons and growth you’ve received along your journey and flirt with newness. You don’t have to make a decision just yet, but consider how implementing a change would make you feel. Many of you have reached a place in your career where you’re no longer being challenged, and the Universe is supporting you to manifest a role with greater responsibilities. Don’t doubt your power or experience. Shoot your shot and lead with integrity!

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Cancer | 10 of Pentacles

Even if you can’t see it just yet, the Universe confirms new abundance is en route. If you’ve ever internalized that your dreams were unattainable, that negative dialogue ends here. You’re releasing all the fear and self-doubt that have beguiled you into believing your goals are not worth chasing. Face your wildest dreams with seriousness and persistence—those goals you’ve never spoken out loud because they felt too silly to deserve exploration. Unlearn unhealthy habits and patterns that were passed down to you. In the past, you might have felt pressured to keep contact with people in your life who have triggered you, but your ancestors support you in releasing those unhealthy bonds and moving past any grief.  You will drastically transform by leaning more on your faith and claiming for yourself a future rooted in financial stability, divine partnership, soul family and purpose. The future looks promising and it’s never too late to embark upon a new journey!

Leo | The Devil

This season is about confronting the attachments you have to your reputation and how you’re perceived by the outside world. Your uniqueness was not created for mass consumption. Not everyone truly sees you because they’re not meant to. Release your attachments to validation and be your own muse. Be intentional with who you allow to experience you. You are mourning an old version of yourself that’s increasingly becoming unfamiliar. These changes will be most drastic between October 13th and 15th. After financial hardship in finance, health or otherwise, the Universe has confirmed that you will be celebrating some great news, such as an approval of a new home, an engagement or a new job. There are plenty of opportunities to grow in a way that’s in alignment with who you want to be. Meditate to release false narratives and feelings of inadequacy. Even when it feels like you’re losing, you’re winning!

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Virgo | 3 of Wands

Quit second-guessing if you’ve done enough—you know you have. You’re no stranger to hard work, nor are you new to waiting for your harvest. So, what’s different this time around? This karmic season is filled with learnings about yourself that point to self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions. When it feels like you’re in limbo, remind yourself that this is only temporary. This is a chance to reprogram your subconscious and prioritize your mental health. Get more rest. Play solfeggio frequencies before you knock out to heal while you sleep. Conduct your search for a therapist that resonates with your spirit. Eliminate foods or substances that affect your mental well-being, awareness and memory. Intaking mushrooms will also support your brain function. You also don’t have to carry all of the weight by yourself; accept the support that’s extended to you. Your guides say that there is no need for you to worry. As you move past exhausting karmic cycles, remember that everything is in divine alignment. 

Libra | The World

This season marks the end of a cycle in your life. You’ll feel drawn to wear more bright colors, prints and patterns to reflect the range of emotions you’re feeling. You could be completing a project, celebrating an important anniversary, making travel plans or reintroducing yourself to the world in a new light. Gaining social media traction could be imminent, too, so be responsible with the platform you have. You never know who is watching! Pace yourself because once a cycle ends, another one must begin. Watching a manifestation come to life is a humbling experience because it reminds you of all the late hours, roadblocks, fear and even doubt that are a part of the process. Relish in your success, and don’t rush to check the next thing off of your list. This new cycle is ushering in new relationships that meet you where you are, especially emotionally. Upon completing a special project, many of you will be shopping an idea around or landing on a major contract to take your career to the next level!


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