Tabitha Brown Is Intent On Spreading Love

Featured image: Marcus Owens
Brown is living well—and she knows firsthand that good things happen for people when they live life intentionally. She shares her journey with Sweet July. ​

Since becoming a social media sensation—thanks to a homemade video gushing about the goodness of a vegan sandwich from Whole Foods that went viral—many things have changed for 43-year-old Tabitha Brown. But Brown says the biggest adjustment she’s had to make since becoming known (and adored) by millions is seeing herself the way that others see her. “I just see me as Tab,” she says. “But I can’t just go to the grocery store no more… people be in there asking me how to shop, like ‘Girl, what should I get?’ You know, it’s like a whole thing…”


Brown has a gift for making people feel seen and comfortable, and because of this, she’s successfully launched her passion for vegan eating into an entire career that includes a line of McCormick seasoning, a book project titled Feeding the Soul (Because It’s My Business) and a YouTube children’s series, Tab Time. Losing her anonymity is a small price to pay for the professional success that Brown, also a trained actress, has always dreamed of. And it’s all because she made the decision to prioritize wellness and better health when she became a vegan in 2017. 


“I’ve encountered so many people that I never knew, strangers who feel like family [and] who share so much with me about their life and how I help them,” says Brown. “I think that’s powerful. It just confirms for me that I’m living in my purpose.” Part of the gig for Brown—the role that she’s most comfortable sharing with the world—is just being herself. Brown often shares social media videos of herself and her family enjoying vegan meals, life-affirming advice and inspirational messages with heartfelt messages of love sprinkled in for good measure. Fans and her extended family look forward to their time with Tab by way of her colorful and passionate videos.

To make sure that she always stays present and uplifted, Brown says she starts each day with a self check-in and personal reflection. She says her morning process includes, “Meditation. Prayer. I drink my water. I talk to myself, you know? I make sure that I check in on myself, okay? And truly ask myself, how do I feel in this moment? And whether it’s good or sad or happy or frustrated, I’m honest with myself about my feelings and how I feel. And that way, I know how to handle my day.”   


With a new lease on life and a thriving career of her dreams, Brown is contentbut she’s not finished accomplishing. Her latest venture is a new vegan restaurant in LA, a partnership with the Chicago-based restaurant and bar Kale My Name. Brown’s got time for business but never for negativity. A woman of faith, Brown understands that what the world needs now more than ever is love. “I am intentional with love, and spreading love, and being positive,” says Brown. “It takes a lot out of you to be negative—I have been through so much, and I’ve seen a lot of [dark] things that I could focus on. But I choose to always focus on the light.”


Featured image by Marcus Owens. 

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