Wonder Twins: How Entrepreneur Duo Coco And Breezy Lean On Their Relationship

The identical twins turned business partners share a bond and a vision that is as strong as it is inspiring.

For Coco and Breezy (Corianna and Brianna Dotson), working together was a no-brainer. The womb partners turned business partners, now 31 years old, have leaned on their special bond but also their individual strengths to help propel successful entrepreneurial paths.


“I think that I feel so grateful to have a twin sister and that our connection is so tight, but I think the beautiful part about Breezy and I is that we’re so different—our differences are what makes us whole when we come together to create,” says Coco.


Breezy agrees. “[Our twinship made us] great entrepreneurs, great leaders, great lovers, great friends, because we take what we’ve learned in our sisterhood and in our twinship and we bring it to other areas in our lives.”


Together, they’ve created wonderful things, including an eyewear company, Coco and Breezy Eyewear, founded in 2009, which has been worn by celebrities including Prince, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and more. Their matching eyewear and footwear collection is slated to launch soon.


They also enjoy thriving careers as professional deejays, models and music artists. Their single “Lemme See” was just released in December of last year, followed by another, “Liftin Me Up,” and their latest EP is currently in the works.


Navigating demanding careers can be stressful, so Coco and Breezy are very intentional about following a self-care ritual that involves eating well (they are both vegans), meditating, practicing yoga, and, when necessary, recharging themselves with mindfulness practices. Prioritizing what Breezy calls their “spiritual hygiene” is key for the twins, and Coco believes that they would not be as successful as they are without it.  “When we were younger, it was all about, you know, work, work, work, but we never took time for ourselves,” says Coco. “But then you think about it. You don’t want to be in your thirties getting sick because you didn’t know when to stop.”


Mastering the art of manifesting is another key to their success. Breezy reflects, “As we continue to be powerful and to accomplish our dreams, [we want to] never forget that we are protected. We remind ourselves every single day, because, with all that we’re doing right now, it can be easy to be overwhelmed if we’re not grounded. I know that whatever I’m putting out to the world, I’ll receive.”


Always top of mind on their manifestation agenda is creating space for people who look like them in the eyewear and dance music spaces, where they both acknowledge they’ve had to work extremely hard just to be seen and taken seriously. “I hope that Coco and I can manifest a space for more Black and Brown kids, specifically women, [so] that they don’t have to work as hard as we had to work to get to where we are,” says Breezy.


To that end, Coco and Breezy recently partnered with the Magenta Edge business training program spearheaded by T-Mobile, a company that Breezy says they’ve used since they were 13 years old and that she dreamed they would one day get to work with.


“We are super excited to partner with T-Mobile, [which] gives us a platform to really talk about our company in a different light—where we are today and our plans on scaling,” says Breezy. “Hopefully, someone that’s watching can get inspired by that. [We want] to continue to use platforms like T-Mobile to be able to share our story. If we can be the guidance on a major platform, that’s what’s important to us.”

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