Bossy Cosmetics Founder Aishetu F. Dozie Shares Beauty Tips And Boss Best Practices

Entrepreneur Aishetu Fatima Dozie celebrates how she pivoted from a financially satisfying but emotionally draining career to one where she focuses on empowering women through makeup.

It can be really hard to walk away from a job that’s taxing on your well-being yet extremely financially rewarding. But it’s a decision Aishetu ‘Aishia’ F. Dozie, the founder of Bossy Cosmetics, needed to make in order to start her beauty company.


I often laugh with people, saying that we’re actually a women’s empowerment-and-mission-driven brand that masquerades as a beauty business,” said Dozie in a Bloomberg video interview. “Our goal is the woman behind the looks, but we understand that how she looks is inextricably linked to how she feels and how she has the confidence to show up in the world.”


But before Dozie could empower women to look, feel and do good with her makeup, she had to take a leap of faith in herself.


“Being bossy means that I am unapologetically ambitious and live with the knowledge that women deserve every right and advantage that men have.”

Prior to creating Bossy Cosmetics, Dozie built a successful career in investment banking. The rigorous work was financially rewarding, but it was also hurting her health.


“Realignment was forced on me when I found out that I was severely hypertensive,” she says. “My father had heart issues that set in early and he eventually died from heart failure, so it was a real wake-up call for me when I got my diagnosis.”


On top of health issues, Dozie came to realize that she wasn’t fulfilling her purpose as a banker.


“I was certain that my career journey and my life as a first-generation American woman could be meaningful in helping other women achieve their own dreams, but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen,” she says.


After leaving banking and giving it much thought, a mission-driven beauty brandBossy Cosmeticsbecame her vehicle, pushing her purpose to empower women. Bossy products—which are vegan and free of parabens, mineral oil, paraffin and preservatives—include highly pigmented lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners.


While women are often derided for showing strength and leadership qualities, Dozie wants to reclaim being “bossy” for women. She says, “being bossy means that I am unapologetically ambitious and live with the knowledge that women deserve every right and advantage that men have.”

As the beauty boss she is, Dozie has some tips going into the new year. As we go into our third year of pandemic, she emphasizes that it’s time to embrace our changed reality. These are the beauty tips she’s embracing with it:


Keep a bold red lip, nude lip and gloss ready at all times.

This trio will help you be prepared for just about any situation or occasion. Plus, you can also use your red lipstick as a blush when needed.


Dress up your eyes.

Masks forced lipstick lovers everywhere to try something new. Dressing up your eyes is a beautiful way to add glam and flair to your look that will last even when you’re masked up. Try bold and graphic eyeliner, shimmery shadows or a precisely applied black liner. The bolder, the funner—but a classic black liner elevates your look too.


Feel beautiful without any products, too.

It’s easy to get caught up in makeup trends and new products, but Aisha’s biggest beauty tip has nothing to do with makeup. Instead, look after your skin. Keep it moisturized. Protect it from the sun’s UV rays. Let it breathe.


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