Sweet July’s Top Recipes of 2023

Here at Sweet July, we pride ourselves on inspiring your next meal. This year, our food community expanded and so did our ideas. Read on for our most-loved recipes of 2023. 

Mediterranean Grain Bowl

The key to a good grain bowl is a mixture of textures and flavors to make the perfect bite, and we love this mix of Mediterranean ingredients. In the need for more protein? Add a piece of fish like salmon or halibut, a grilled chicken breast, or some sautéed shrimp drizzled with lemon. We recommend preparing the bowl ingredients and the dressing and storing them separately so it’s ready to grab and go throughout the week. Get the recipe!

Gabrielle McBay’s Secret Ingredient Fried Chicken


Charlotte Smythe’s Salmon Lettuce Wrap

Packed with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, salmon has amazing benefits for brain health and cognitive function to keep your mind right. This recipe from Sweet July resident Charlotte Smythe is everything we love about the fish in a deliciously convenient wrap. Get the recipe!

Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Mint and blackberry perfectly compliment the bourbon in this refreshingly sippable drink. With a touch of sweetness from brown sugar, our Blackberry Bourbon Smash is Derby Day (or game day!) approved. Get the recipe!

Ayesha’s Red Stripe Birthday Cocktail

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