Sweet Scopes With Amber The Alchemist: Sagittarius Season 2022

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Alchemist. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

We’re all experiencing our own version of a cosmic hangover after Scorpio season, eclipse season, plus Saturn and Jupiter retrogrades, which brought about an extra influence from the planets. Luckily for us, we have Jupiterian energy on our side, transiting us into Sagittarius season to lighten up the mood from November 22 to December 21. Sagittarius’ close association with Jupiterthe planet of expansion and abundanceenhances our sense of wanderlust and our desire to lean into our purpose. Though celebrated for their humor, wit and free spirit, Sagittarians are the wise ones of the zodiac. They’re not afraid to pose questions that seem taboo and fearlessly seek answers through their own investigations and self-appointed quests. 


Throughout the season, we’ll be regaining our lust for life. Ask more questions, don’t shy away from getting deep, connect with the world around you, embrace social activities and imagine a new dream that feels nearly impossible! If there’s any time to believe in miracles, the time is now because luck is on our side.


Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and Venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Sagittarius | Page of Cups

There’s a yearning to become more meticulous. You’re someone who dreams with a broad perspective, but this season, you’ll be intentionally focusing on the day-to-day details that will smoothen the journey. Examine the daily tasks, routines and practices that are essential in order for you to operate at your highest potential. Seek gratifying rituals such as arranging weekly floral arrangements to boost your vibrations or improving your diet to enhance your energy and productivity levels. Your birthday season will be a successful time for you—a time for heart opening and aligning with your destiny. Along the way, the Universe could be introducing you to a trustworthy connection, dream project, or business partnership that feels handpicked by those who know you best. For the first time in a long time, you’ll feel seenjust as you deserve. By the end of the season, your heart will be bursting open with joy and gratitude because you’re finally getting a glimpse of the love and abundance that you’ve been waiting to receive. To stay connected to your heart, add layers of pink into your style choices and eat pink-hued foods, such as beets and radishes. 

Capricorn | Ace of Pentacles

From business acquisitions to new dates to unexpected gifts and expressions of gratitude, Sag season swings in with lavish living at the forefront. New financial prosperity meets you at your doorstep (this could be a literal check in the mail), and you’re encouraged to pamper yourself. There’s an old saying: “Dress for the job you want”—it’s time to embody your dream role through stylish expression to show up like the boss that you are. Maybe you finally want to purchase that expensive face cream, re-up on your beauty products, find a new signature fragrance, invest in fine jewelry or purchase a haul from your favorite retailer. If your lifestyle is changing, the Universe supports self-investments to reflect that. You’ve come such a long way, so don’t neglect the temptation to treat yourself or make a purchase to celebrate how far you’ve come. Money is a currency and when you treat it as such, you should trust that it will flow right back to you. 

Aquarius | Strength

Why not reinvent yourself again? There’s no need to harbor guilt towards your personal growth and development, regardless of how many times you switch gears. Extend grace to yourself as you change seasons. You were not designed to be like anyone else in this world, and that is where your strength lies. Each of your eras play a significant role in self-understanding, guiding you to your most authentic self. You have luck on your side when it comes to starting a new business or making a profit from one of your many skills and talents. If you’re going to do it, go all in. Stay committed and take your craft seriously! Your consistency will show the world that you mean business. Let the love and the passion for what you do fuel you. A red mani will help you stay in your power along the way. Indulge in media and music that uplifts and inspires you. Where you are in this moment and where you’ll end up is all in divine timing, so trust your path and remember it’s never too late to chase after a new dream.

Pisces | 9 of Cups

Nine is a number you’ll see often, representing culmination. There’s an introduction to a new cycle and the completion of another. As we get closer to the New Year, you’ll be reflecting on valuable lessons you’ve learned throughout 2022, and one repeated message will be about putting your dreams on the frontline. Sagittarius season is here to introduce a new voyage that’s been tugging at your heartstrings. This could be a longing to visit a place you’ve always felt called to go to, learning more about a spiritual belief system or even diving deeper into your own cultural background and ancestry. You’ll find yourself pondering about your purpose and how you can fulfill those duties. What lights you up and what are you guided to explore? In some cases, a change in environment is detrimental. This could be a pivotal time for those determining the next steps for living and professional circumstances. This season brings forth much love and bliss, but poses a hard question “What do I want?” What you seek will seek you.

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Aries | The Sun

When the opportunity to shine presents itself, take heed and step into the light. Expect beautiful moments to blossom when you extend your natural gifts, talents and beauty to the world. All the Universe is asking you to do is show up authentically. Recognize that your magnetic aura is the ultimate catch—what you do is merely a bonus. You could be faced with a choice or opportunity that feels premature, but you are ready. Sometimes our biggest blessings come through in ways that scare us. But you possess all the tools, knowledge and, most importantly, wisdom to seize the moment. In the midst of this level-up, you’re able to help heal your inner child with affirmations from the Universe that the gifts you tried so hard to repress are, in fact, your superpower. Reclaim your power unapologetically and you’ll be floored by the responses you get. Light a candle, set intentions and remind yourself that you were made for this.

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Taurus | Eight of Cups 

The holiday season is tempting you to spend, but proceed with caution. You may need to reserve some coins for future investments or start a rainy day fund. Seek out information from podcasts and articles on wise ways to manage your finances so your hard-earned money can work for you and not against you. If you’re currently recovering from a financial setback, you’re learning to spend intentionally and even make temporary sacrifices for long-term rewards. A financial adviser or accountant can certainly help you situate your finances, whether it’s through creating a retirement plan, organizing your taxes or preparing you for a major investment. If you plan to sign any contracts, make sure that you understand all the terms and take your time to read through it with a lawyer or someone with prior experience. Use discernment when making major financial investments such as home or car improvements because a better opportunity may present itself. It’s definitely a season of growing, understanding and negotiating, but these preliminary steps are going to ground you and prepare you to flourish in the new year! 

Gemini | Queen of Wands 

The mornings are your glory time when you connect to your body and ground your energy. Take advantage of this, through sacred movement, inspirational podcasts, mirror affirmations, pep-talks or just by planning out your day. You don’t have to force yourself into a routine, just read your vibes and sense what your body needs each morning to feel confident and powered up. Be more optimistic, even when fulfilling your responsibilities, chores or mundane tasks—it comes with the territory of being a boss! If you’ve been uninspired in the workplace, this could be your confirmation to get outside of your comfort zone and pursue your passions. Each job comes with its pros and cons, but when your work feeds your soul, those cons are more bearable. Express your awakenings with your community, too. You never know who’s in the same boat as you. It’s always nice to have a companion that inspires you and holds you accountable.

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Cancer | 5 of Cups

Reminder: You do not have to experience this wave of feelings on your own. Lean on your tribe for emotional support. You have people around you who love you deeply, admire you and want to pour into you, but you have to let them in. Vulnerability provides backstage access to what’s going on in your heart space, and it’s okay to show your loved ones that every day isn’t sunshine. If you feel compelled to share your experience, do it. Sharing your story could be medicine to the people around you. The emotions can be a bit intense, but you’ll be growing with your companions in the process. No matter what you’ve lost, your relationships are standing strong. It’s a testament to the love that surrounds you. 

Leo | 3 of Pentacles 

Whether it’s a bubbly Epsom salt bath or a nearby sea, water can clarify your internal state and stabilize your energy. So, when you’re beginning to feel like you need direction, allow water to guide you. There will be collaborative opportunities coming forth in due time, but not every option that presents itself will be the right fit. Take what you’ve learned from the past to avoid falling into the same traps. Base your decisions around long-term happiness and contentment. You will know what’s in alignment because your spirit will instantly resonate with it. Modify any long-term goals that no longer fit your standards. Make room for new dreams and consider who can come in to support them, offering skills beyond your own. The most important thing is you’re betting on yourself and you have people around you who are betting on your happiness and success, too! 

Virgo | Page of Pentacles

You may feel like you’re only just beginning to live out your purpose, but to many people, you’ve already maintained G.O.A.T status. You’re a living icon! When you exert all of your energy into becoming something better, you can lose sight of who you are right now and how far you’ve come to get here. The Universe wants you to see yourself in the same way others see you. It’s okay to gas yourself up and not be so humble all the time. In fact, when you’re too humble, it can be perceived as you being unsure of yourself, which others may try to take advantage of. Soon, you’ll be taking another step forward with a new business, home, relationship or other personal endeavor. You are not the same person you were a year ago, so your environment deserves to be elevated, even the smallest details. Surround yourself with people who are big dreamers, just as you are, and who put forth the action to make things happen.

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Libra | Prince of Swords 

You are locked in and focused this Sag season, and there’s no telling what you’re going to do. Quite literally, some of you are keeping a secret project on the hush until you confirm the appropriate time to announce it. Surprise launches are certainly brewing! Your connection to Mercurythe planet of communicationis working in your favor as new ideas and concepts flow to you with ease. Those who are writers or work in the media industry will have the support from the cosmos to document ideas, create consistent content, brainstorm for a podcast, learn a new skill and so much more. With social media changing right before our eyes, it’s the perfect time to consider creating your own community. Conduct your research to find the perfect platform that caters to your offerings and community needs. It’s a studious time and you’re speeding through your to-do lists effortlessly. This surge of energy is a blessing for you, especially after an intense and introspective Scorpio season. Delegate a journal exclusively for any ideas to revisit in the future because your plate will be full.

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Scorpio | 4 of Wands

Your season came with its expected dosage of drags and emotional breakthroughs, but as always, you’ve come out on top, stronger and more fly than ever. You’re paying attention to your sacral and solar plexus chakras and you’re making you the center of your Universe again. For a while, you put the needs of others before your own. After doing some healing work, you’ll feel more confident about who you are and recognize that your presence is truly a present. Be more stingy with your energy and who you allow into your space. There’s no need to explain your value to anyone, because those who are intended to see the real you will, and they’ll act accordingly. It’s a season of realization, self-reprioritization and setting new standards for yourself. Take note of who is receptive to you stepping into your light and who shows signs of being intimidated. This story will especially encourage you to choose yourself first and make peace with the decisions leading up to it.

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