Sweet Scopes With Amber The Conduit: Gemini Season 2023

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Conduit. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

What’s all the chatter? Oh, that’s just the Sun moving into Gemini. From May 21 to June 21, the Universe gives our inquisitive natures the range to express freely, think deeper and stimulate our minds. The thoughts that were stirring in our heads are getting pushed by the cosmos to be spoken out loud. This is the best time to tap into your inner bookworm and immerse yourself in the world of words. The mercurial vibes of the season require all of the details, which come with lots of questions, interviews, side convos, and informational deep dives. Get lost in random fun facts and work with this energy to learn a new language or finally start that four-season television series (*cough cough* Succession?)

While the Sun is in Gemini, take full advantage of the responsibilities, dreams and goals that require making important phone calls and networking. Recharge your social battery when you feel it’s low and scratch your curiosities by researching the subjects that pique your interest.

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and Venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Gemini | The World

The wave of emotions flowing from eclipse season came with added mental weight for you. Even if you haven’t gotten the chance to verbalize what’s been brewing internally, your solar return season will be filled with moments to hit these streets and reconnect to the world outside of your bubble. Some of your friends are pushing you from out of the water onto the surface and won’t accept “no” as an answer. Accept support and receive it as spiritual reassurance! These moments reaffirm how blessed you are. The energy of the season ahead hints at full-circle moments and surprise gifts. Your life proves to be not as restricted as you’ve been feeling. What you thought you lacked or lost has always been in front of you. What felt impossible feels closer to you than ever. When you choose gratitude, the Universe reveals even more things to be grateful for. Your birthday is your official new year, so make some time that day to ritualize your solar return, jot down your year-ahead intentions and expect your birthday wishes to be granted. And so it is!

Cancer | Ace of Pentacles

You should know by now that closed mouths don’t get fed. This is not the time to hold your tongue and even if you try, the truth of how you feel will come out somehow. Rather than shying away from expressing what you need, empower yourself by initiating important conversations, speaking your truth, amplifying your platform and making the calls you’ve been procrastinating on. Your manifestation powers are on another level. Speak your dreams out loud. Pray more. Pull a card to recite daily affirmations. Set intentions for your month ahead. Envision the life you want to create for yourself as if it’s already yours. You are on the brink of a new life,  speak up and let it be known what you desire. Put the expectation out into the Universe that what you are calling in is calling you, too! 

Leo | Judgment

Auto-pilot has its perks for productivity, but you can only go so far without being present. You are in need of a reset and the Universe will make the time for you, even if that means divinely intervening on your plans. If anything gets canceled or rescheduled, reconnect with yourself instead of trying to make it work. Any signs of neglect within your health, wellness or spiritual practices may need recommitment. Try devoting the first 10-15 minutes of your day to yourself without touching your devices. Stretch, make yourself a hot cup of tea, dance, light your incense, study your spiritual texts, take a long shower, spend more time affirming yourself as you do your skincare and makeup routines. Your body is a machine that needs to be oiled sometimes, so don’t feel guilty about demanding time to just be.

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Virgo | Death

With transformative endings and new beginnings under your belt, Gemini season is all about you indulging in fun. Take advice from the Universe and enjoy the ride when things arise beyond your control. This season may have you walking away from situations that rob you of your joy or no longer spark those tingly feelings. You’re moving away from investing energy in things that don’t add value to your life. Begin assessing your responsibilities and gauge which tasks and roles are worth your time, space and energy. Do yourself a favor and prioritize your happiness and wellbeing over work, for once! Take advantage of the new powers granted to you, which are providing financial flexibility in your life. Allow more time for the things that excite and stimulate you. Readjust your schedule to nurture your inner child. Make lemons from lemonade and alchemize uncomfortable moments. A few of you will even experience an awakening to practice some form of sobriety

Libra | 7 of Swords

Be fully present and observe your surroundings this season. Seeing rainbows, angel numbers, feathers, or even stumbling across items you once thought were lost are all signs of the spiritual support around you. Some signs will be affirming, while others may come as an attention notice. Regardless of where these signs fall on the spectrum, your gut is confirming what you know. Don’t ignore the signs! A moment of betrayal or deception may come to light. Strengthen your discernment and fill in any blind spots that are brought to your attention, but do not allow any moments where you were misled to change how you show up for yourself and others. The previous Mercury retrograde and eclipse season left residual smoke in the air, so elements from your past—as far back as your childhood—are relevant, too. A word from The Four Agreements: Do not take things personally. 

Scorpio | The Star

Knowing thyself will weed out paths that don’t suit your needs. Rather than forcing yourself to make a situation work, consider your own skills, talents and resources you can rely on to manifest a desired outcome. All you need is a little self-reassurance and your everlasting co-sign from the Universe. Think of your natal chart as your own roadmap, dropping clues that lead to your purpose, such as your North Node placement. Water your strengths. Return to rituals, meditation and spirit care. The remedy to any obstacles in your life is knowing your worth. It’s never too late to dream a new dream or begin a new journey. The magic has always been within you, but the Universe is crystallizing this belief by showing you what you’ve always been capable of. Whatever natural skills you possess and have possibly neglected at some point are calling for your return. For some of you, it’s in a creative field, healing, mysticism, arts, or working with food as medicine, like in this book.

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Sagittarius | Page of Cups

Can you feel that? It’s the dire need of a cleanse. Social media cleanses, closet cleanses, detoxes, spiritual cleanses and phone cleanses are definitely on the agenda. Restore your energetic hygiene and don’t forget to spritz with Sweet July’s signature room spray afterwards to soothe and inspire you. When you are surrounded by constant reminders of your “old” life or habits, it’s easier to get pulled into the abyss of familiarity, so show up as a higher version of yourself, a more curious and creative version of you. Enter a space of receptivity when what’s for you finds you. Get ready to receive important news about exactly what you’ve been asking for and calling in. It appears that what’s in the most need of a refresh is your internal dialogue. Rather than succumbing to the fear of worse-case scenarios, how about you envision best-case scenarios instead?

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Capricorn | The Hanged Man

Getting out of your head is the only way through! If you’ve been stuck trying to find a solution or you feel stuck in any way, this is when to call upon your tribe to ask for a little help. Inner strength is acknowledging when you need support. Even if it seems obvious that you’re overwhelmed this month, speak up and have transparent conversations. Take some things off of your plate and don’t hesitate to delegate. If you find yourself spending too much time on a task that feels like it’s hindering you rather than helping you, it’s time for a re-route. Brainstorm alternatives, communicate with your team, and remind yourself of important details with sticky notes. You may need to re-evaluate your role and responsibilities at work if you’re feeling overwhelmed or overworked. The solution to getting unstuck could be making a difficult choice, but your peace is worth the sacrifice.

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Aquarius | 6 of Swords

How do you measure success? Sit with that question, journal about it and take some time to ponder upon it. A new transitional period requires you to be honest about where you’ve been and where you’re going. With evolution comes the rejection of ideas, passions, beliefs, and even dreams that no longer resonate with your spirit. And that’s okay. In fact, your power resides in your ability to become a new version of yourself that’s shaped by where you are, who you’re around, and what your interests are. Your growth should never be compromised for the sake of clinging onto traits and identities that you’re outgrowing. Your senses, emotional landscape and intuitive gifts illuminate who and what are no longer on your wavelength. Every successful person experienced releasing people that were holding them back, mindsets that were keeping them restricted and projects that weren’t worth their time (or their money). This is all part of the process of advancement. Be flexible with yourself and embrace that some things are temporary. Thank the Universe for this new vision and read this to give you a new perspective on shaping a life catered to your needs. 

Pisces | The High Priestess

You’re experiencing a palette cleanse this season. What you had a taste for in the past could be leaving a sour taste in your mouth now. Your third eye is your primary caretaker this season; work on trusting your gut. What is it directing you towards and what is it pushing you away from? Rose-colored glasses are being removed. A sharper vision allows you to perceive what things are, instead of what you’d like them to be. Discretion is key—not every move you make requires an announcement. Value your privacy as you move through the phases. Spend more time alone, like taking yourself on a nature date. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn about yourself. In the words of Frida Kahlo, “I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.” 

Aries | Queen of Wands (Reversed)

Gemini season passes the aux to your inner critic. There’s a time to listen, and there’s a time to call yourself out when you’re being downright judgy. Self-awareness and accountability are fundamental, but not when it comes at the expense of your own confidence. Pivot to all the things that you love about yourself and focus on who you’ve become rather than who you’re trying to be. Gratitude will highlight your growth and unique attributes that can’t be taught or bought. Delegate more time this month to connect with your body and being, like using a Gua Sha to eliminate built-up tension. Your biggest setback is not giving yourself enough grace and enforcing unrealistic standards on yourself. Your love of self should never be dictated by how others see you or how you want the world to view you. You are perfect just the way you are.

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Taurus | 10 of Swords

It’s time to let go of what’s stringing you along. Allow the Universe to provide new solutions, outcomes and pathways for you to be free and flexible. Now that Mercury is direct, things should be flowing with less delays and hold-ups. Shed anything that’s holding you back, not adding value to your life, or requiring too much of your time. Embrace the pivot, cut your losses and start a new adventure. When you take a risk by straying away from the original plan, the Universe rewards you along your journey with a new sense of clarity and direction. Don’t be surprised by sudden endings. This comes as an opportunity to explore uncharted territories and gather new experiences under your belt. Pack lightly and don’t let the residue of the past stick with you. If you’re willing to eliminate what’s been stunting your growth, you just might play around and get everything you originally asked for before you settled!

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