Sweet Scopes With Amber The Conduit: Aries Season 2023

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Conduit. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

Once the sun slides into motivated Aries on March 20, we have not one but two cosmic events that call for an instant vibe refresh. Aries season (aka boss-up season) propels us toward the ideas that have been floating in our hearts and minds. This energy brings an extra dose of confidence to the collective, pushing us out of our comfort zones to do all the things. Launch the project. Pitch yourself for a promotion. Make your media kit. Start your business plan. Begin a new lifestyle change. Whatever it is that you need to do to take your life to the next level, now is the time. Aries energy is great for putting the key in the ignition, but it’s on you to keep it running. Make sure you have a solid plan that holds you accountable and keeps you consistent. 

The spring equinox on March 20 grants us more sunlight during the day, giving us ample time to do exactly what we said we were going to do. Take advantage of this surge of energy, but pace yourself. Be present so that you can smell the roses. Part of enjoying the fruits of your labor is the excitement that goes into watching your manifestations grow throughout the process! This is the new beginning you’ve been waiting for.

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and Venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Aries | Knight of Wands

You need your own theme song (or multiple) this month—a playlist that captures the surge of momentum and inspiration you’re embracing as you celebrate another year. You’re wiser, and you’re learning a few lessons to keep life flowing while avoiding abrupt burnout. Sometimes, when you dive head first into new territory, your blind spots become even more vulnerable because you have no idea what to expect. This season, ensure that your mind, body and spirit are walking with one accord to avoid shifting the vibe from exciting to overwhelming. If you haven’t already begun to, start preparing yourself for this new year around the sun and seize the opportunity for rebirth. Forgive yourself and prioritize healing from within. It will require dedicating more time to being still and checking in with yourself regularly. This will also help you foresee burnout before it happens! What is worth your energy these days? Your vision is clearer, so trust your judgment and make room to explore what feels worthy of commitment.

Taurus | Knight of Pentacles

There is adoration, respect and abundance waiting for those who honor their word. Remain devoted to the things you’d like to see through. Aries energy moves quickly, putting some pep in your step. But don’t allow this rapid momentum to steer you off your path. Stay committed to your responsibilities, and when your plate becomes a little fuller than usual, prioritize and tackle. You’re planting the seeds to make money moves that will open the door to consistent financial prosperity. It may require you to buckle down and hone in on your plan, but the payoff will be prosperous! Just don’t deny yourself a sip break, because what’s a Taurus without a little play? Sacrificing some fun for obligations is possible, and those who respect your focus won’t hold it against you. Keep an eye out for those less understanding who may not honor your boundaries. This new year could be the perfect opportunity to start accountability partnerships to keep your commitment strong.

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Gemini | 8 of Swords

Aries season marks a new beginning, and the Universe is asking if you’re willing to mentally reset. What if today you woke up and decided you would no longer agree to making yourself vulnerable to fear and judgment? Are you ready to put an end to the cycle? You have the power to shift your entire DNA by making the choice to think differently and perceive life (or even death) in a new light. This could be a time to embrace a new kind of optimism that makes you feel empowered and supported enough to conquer any obstacles or new situations that come your way. Prioritize meditation, and rather than running away from the thoughts that pass, reflect on which ones you can benefit from and which ones you can release for good. Self-criticism could be blocking you from seeing how often people admire your intellect and creativity. If you find yourself slipping into old patterns, think about a personal dream or goal that you’ve already accomplished. Then remember your ancestors are already proud! 

Cancer | 4 of Swords

Slow down and reflect upon your growth this past year. How did you handle adversity? In what areas have you thrived? You are continuing to expand your mission and make decisions that are setting your future up for ease and prosperity, but don’t forget to remind yourself why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for. Taking breaks is an essential part of doing the work. Meditate more frequently and plan your next getaway. A new environment could be the palette cleanse you need before you dive back into your mission. You might even need to take a break from your day-to-day responsibilities to invest a little more time into projects, plans and investments that will reap generous rewards in the future. Consider what your mental health needs especially. Take more naps, wake up earlier for a mindful morning, go to therapy, ask for help, take new supplements or herbs like lavender or chamomile for a cozy nightcap. You can move your body, but be sure to also rest your mind!

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Leo | 3 of Swords

This astrological New Year marks a fresh start and a head cleansing is exactly what you need to shake off the past and reclaim your energy. It can help with mental fogginess, lack of motivation and even releasing trauma. Your head is connected to your ori, or higher self. Classic ingredients for a head cleanse include coconut milk for purification, herbs like rosemary, sage and lavender for protection, and sweet orange oil for bringing in sweetness. Combine these elements to help you reclaim your crown and wash the negative thoughts away. Also consider treating yourself to an elaborate hair mask, deep condition, a luxurious scarf or a new hairstyle to tap into your alter ego. Give your crown some extra TLC this season, and pay attention to the energy shift. You’ll be feeling self-assured, and in no time you’ll be reconnecting to your purpose. 

Virgo | Wheel of Fortune

Fate is one thing that you can’t outwit. You can’t plan for the unexpected, so it’s important to trust your gift of adaptability when your options take a new form. Aries season may disrupt certain plans that were put into motion, but the Universe isn’t taking something that they won’t replace with something even better and more aligned. The sooner you are able to surrender to a new course, the sooner you are rewarded with assurance that you are exactly where you need to be. Justice is on your side, too, especially when it comes to love and relationships. Divine connections and aligned partnerships will be validated, feeling more secure and trustworthy. If there is anyone in your life that you’ve outgrown, the Universe will help you see past the rose-colored glasses and will help you face the truth. Dance to release any anxiousness. There’s a greater plan working in your favor! 

Libra | Knight of Wands

With long-awaited link-ups and a to-do list that’s growing each day, it’s safe to say that Aries season will be eventful. This is nothing new, though. What should be improved this time around is your approach. Have you finally learned to stop spreading yourself too thin? Weigh your options this season and remain flexible in case higher priority meetings, tasks or responsibilities spring upon you. Don’t forget to pencil in “me” time; you’re going to need it. The Universe has been sending you signs that it’s time for a sabbatical, and instead of you saying there’s not enough time, make time. Don’t be so open to showing up for others before you show up for yourself. Even if you have to plan ahead, make time for self-care work. My retreat in Morocco next March, for example, gives you more than enough time to figure it out. With all of the temptations, though, it’s extra important to avoid overspending—manage your time, your energy and your money wisely. If there are savings goals that you’ve set for yourself, don’t be tempted by impulsive and indulgent energies. Purchase from need rather than desire to remain financially grounded and on track. That means not too much online shopping. Save to cart and move along!

Scorpio | 6 of Wands

You’re going through major transformations that even those closest to you may not be aware of. Like the Phoenix, you’re finally making it through the storm and this Aries season is your time to rise from the ashes and let the world get a taste of this new version of you. It’s pop-out season and there’s no need to hide behind your trauma or pain. Embrace the situations that made you who you are without allowing them to tarnish your big heart. You left the bitterness behind in 2022. Let art inspire you and put yourself out there to love and be loved. With stronger discernment and clarity about what your heart desires, you can let your walls down and open yourself to connection. Once the Sun moves into Aries, you should feel a sense of ease and rejuvenation. This season should spark up your romantic connections and partnerships. If things have been stagnant, you will have a lot more prospects seeking you out, offering to take you on dates, and even wooing you a little. Friends and family around you will also be recognizing your growth and offering kind gestures, words of affirmation, and even gifts to celebrate you. Not for what you do but for who you are. You deserve commitment from those around you, and it’s time to honor the commitments you’ve made to yourself, too!

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Sagittarius | 5 of Swords

With it being the first fire season since your solar return, you might feel the pressure rising to show up and show out. Recognize the imprint you’ve already made on this world! Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you aren’t working hard enough or have to show up in a different light to be seen. You are enough, and you’re doing enough. In the mornings, light a candle and entertain affirmative inner dialogue to steer clear of the mental rabbit hole of lack. If the “what-ifs” begin to emerge, remind yourself of how far you’ve come and the people you’ve brought joy and inspiration to. You are in your own lane—remember, comparison is toxic to your magic! Some of you will finally reach the tipping point that tells you that a situation is no longer working for you because of how it makes you feel. Anyone or anything that has you doubting yourself may not deserve a place in your life anymore. However, Aries season is impulsive, so you’re advised to not make any rash changes just yet. Once the Sun moves into Taurus, you should have clarity.

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Capricorn | King of Pentacles

Everyone: “You need to be thinking big.” You: Staying dedicated to your goals, consistency, and stellar planning. You’re a lot more grounded, which takes the edge off of things you once used to stress about. Even if you haven’t started to see the financial shift, this is a confirmation from the Universe that it’s coming and you’ve already put in more than half of the work. Aries season will help you see that you’re starting to value things you once didn’t care about, and that’s okay! You might also find yourself wanting to improve on a physical level. Even if you only focus on necessities, as you grow (and as your bank account does), you’ll feel more motivated to invest in things that make you feel good. Think: gym memberships, wellness subscriptions, personal trainers, cosmetic treatments and fashion hauls. Those lifestyle changes that were once considered a luxury are becoming more realistic to you. You are getting closer to your goals, and another unexpected opportunity could be on its way. A win!

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Aquarius | The Devil

Keep calm and mind the business that pays you. It’s a sharp message but also a warning from the Universe to protect you from falling into a messy situation, even accidentally. Some people have a way of just pulling you into their mess (and stress!) Aries season will be filled with hot topics that are oh-so-tempting to get involved in, but focus on what you have going on. There’s a desire to connect with your soul family and the people that actually see you, but distance might be the only thing in the way. New connections and friendships are budding in foreign places that have you questioning if where you are is where you’re meant to be. The Aquarian in you wants to drop everything and itch this wanderlust, but you might have commitments that are tying you down. If you feel it’s becoming more necessary to move to a different city, take a big trip, or have your eat-pray-love moment, think it through first. Don’t make permanent changes based on a temporary feeling. There’s unfinished business or lessons you might need to experience before you break away. The Universe hears you. The time is coming. 

Pisces | Queen of Pentacles

It’s all about your vision, not what anyone else sees for you. There is nothing but opportunity right in front of you—opportunities for you to expand into the highest version of yourself. This looks like balancing the art of seeking and allowing: Knowing when to go after what you want versus knowing that what you’ve already planted needs to grow on its own. Recognize which stage you’re in for each facet of your life, from your career to family dynamics. Pay attention to themes regarding your parents this season. In the midst of your own healing and unpacking, you might realize how impactful your upbringing has been to the choices you’ve made as an adult, as well as your values and beliefs. Now that you are your own person, you can exercise free will to choose which things feel safe in your life and what you’ve outgrown. Establish new ways to communicate and live out your life as you see fit. You are building generational wealth that started from you going against the grain and doing what makes sense for you. It’s not for everyone’s approval or understanding.

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