Sweet Scopes With Amber The Conduit: Taurus Season 2023

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Conduit. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

Taurus season says, “live a little!” When the sun transits into impregnable Taurus on April 20 until May 20, there will be a strong energetic shift influencing our daily practices. Jam-packed schedules are being balanced with moments of restoration and grounding. As the flowers start to bloom, nature becomes our second office. Collectively we’re seeking new ways to stabilize our lives, plans and most importantly our finances. While Aries season unleashed the inner hustlers within us, Taurus season follows as a reminder to not allow our hard work to be in vain. 

Also important to note: Mercury will be in retrograde for the majority of Taurus season from April 21 to May 15, which naturally comes with communication complications, car troubles, transportation hiccups and technological glitches. And with a solar eclipse in Aries occurring on April 20, expect situations from the past to re-emerge and request your attention. Face your procrastinations—either release the task or complete it for good. Old characters may creep back in to speak their peace, offer an apology, or even project their feelings onto you. Embody the resilient nature of Taurus energy by staying grounded, avoiding overindulgence and controlling your impulses. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize! 

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and Venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Taurus | 3 of Baskets

Taurus, you have an impeccable work ethic, but when it’s time to turn up, you get the party started! Your ability to go hard in everything that you do is refreshing to your tribe. You’ve been working towards bettering your lifestyle, enhancing your skill set, and even studying or teaching behind the scenes. You’re motivated to become a master in your craft. And when you’re feeling blessed, your natural inclination is to spread the love to those around you. That may be your focus right now. Whether you’re throwing your own birthday festivities or letting your intimate circle in on the work you’re doing, there is an intersection of community and craftsmanship this season. A gathering with some great cocktails may be in order to exchange energy with those who support your dreams and want to see you win. 

Gemini | Ace of Pentacles 

Be on the lookout for life-changing opportunities that shift your reality to one that’s abundant. Remember that abundance exceeds financial prosperity. You may have a chance to make adjustments to your health, meet new people that restore your faith in relationships, or seek a new career path. In order to receive different results, you must move differently. Deviate from the rigid plan in your head and surrender to a power greater than you. What are you willing to release for the sake of a new and better life? Observe what’s been draining your energy. Purge extraneous belongings. Work on disassociating from unproductive habits, people and situations, so that when the Universe ushers in the new life you’ve been waiting for, you are ready to receive wholeheartedly. With Taurus season assuring us that life is meant to be lived fully, consider what luxuries you want to invite into your life. Wearing this hibiscus ring can remind you that beauty is always around and within you.

Omi Woods Hibiscus Ring II
Cancer | Two of Swords ( Reversed) 

Don’t reject your intuitive hunches! The Universe says just because you can’t see it or don’t have proof, doesn’t mean your feelings are invalid. Your relationships are the highlight of the season—whether it’s determining how “fast” you should move after making new connections or healing from a situation of betrayal and wondering if you’re ready to move on. Time heals all wounds, but you also have to trust your heart’s ability to open up, heal, forgive and release. Relationships can be complex. The most important consideration is that you are doing what’s best for you. You may be faced with an unpredictable decision requiring your utmost trust in yourself. When you’re discerning yet trusting of your heart, you can’t be steered in the wrong direction. To alleviate some of the pressure, remember that each decision you make will either be a blessing or a lesson. However, beware of putting yourself in the same positions from the past—you’ll likely be left with the same result. 

Leo | 6 of Cups

It may take time to cultivate what your heart has been yearning for. But when you’re emotionally ready to receive, the Universe always delivers. During this time, you could be rekindling old dreams, passions or connections that are simultaneously healing your inner child. You don’t have to hold back about speaking your truth out of fear of “doing too much” or “asking for too much.” Expect radical change in your communication style and emotional outlet—start that newsletter, podcast, Youtube channel or book. Wear these beads to support your inner child healing. While you’re feeling more connected to your youth, it might inspire relating to and helping younger generations. Think about how you can offer valuable information, storytelling or lessons that weren’t accessible to you growing up. 

Virgo | Page of Wands

Taurus season is telling you to get comfortable with being…comfortable! Work on releasing limitations from the past by reminding yourself that you are not who you used to be and your life is not as it used to be. Embrace your new sense of flexibility without fearing it will be taken away from you or thinking you aren’t ready for what you’ve been working towards. Trust your hard work and sacrifice! At some point, you had to know that things would change, right? The Universe wants you to honor yourself by tending to the ideas and dreams that have been lying dormant within you, waiting to be passionately explored. You have the resources and support to pursue those things, so don’t second-guess it. If the opportunity presents itself to face a fear or do something out of the ordinary, go for it! You will always land back on your feet. This isn’t the time to stay in your comfort zone. Swim with the sharks, go on that terrifying excursion, book that dream vacation! Life is to be lived, honey. Don’t give yourself too much time to talk yourself out of it, you know how you do. 

Libra | Queen of Cups 

The season ahead is pushing you towards all the things that nourish your mind, body, heart and spirit. If the scales have been imbalanced, use this time to turn inward. What is your intuition telling you? Practice being present in your body so that you can catch on to any signs or synchronicities that are being directed towards you. Leaning on your spiritual tools and modalities will connect the dots and bring clarity to what’s surfacing for you. It’s a good time to connect with the element of water: increase your intake with fun mugs and bottles, trek to the beach and take more baths. Nurture yourself by embracing your divine maternal energy, regardless of how you identify. Whether it’s your mama, auntie, grandmama or older cousin, connect with the feminine energies in your life. They have exactly the medicine you seek. On the other hand, some of you may be considering actual motherhood—even if it’s adopting a new pet. You have the tools to be an amazing nurturer.

Fellow Carter Move Mug
Scorpio | 8 of Wands

Make sure you keep “Move” by Beyoncé, Grace Jones and Tems in rotation because that’s certainly your vibe this season! There’s an unshakable surge of energy that has given you just the fuel you need to move past stagnation, fear and even self-doubt. You are a force that can’t be contained, and anything that you’ve allowed to slow you down no longer has power. Being self-informed is only the first step. This is your season of tuning into your own portal of creativity and reinventing your life in a way that excites and invigorates you. What is that one thing that makes your heart ooze with excitement? Pursue that, even if it scares you! Taurus season ushers new beginnings and the conception of something epic. Take a road opener (a type of bath) to clear your path of resistance and help you break down those doors. 

Sagittarius | 9 of Cups

Who says you can’t have it all? Taurus season is going to challenge your mindset around abundance. Those affirmations that you’ve been reciting are being put to the test as new opportunities come swinging in your direction. New manifestations are coming to fruition, which feels like the ultimate come up. As a result, you might have more financial flexibility to invest in long-awaited luxuries like upgrades to your car or that luxe weekend bag you’ve been eyeing. Regardless of what’s seeking you this season, do not allow yourself to be swayed by flashy opportunities that might look perfect on paper but are out of alignment with your heart. Doing anything for external validation will only result in you being drained. There will also be people watching your growth from afar who are waiting for the perfect opportunity to ease their way back into your life—be careful about letting them back in! As you connect with new people in this new space you’re in, keep your discernment sharp because not everyone has pure intentions.

Sweet July Woven Linen Weekender Bag
Capricorn | Mother of Wands

Unique, that’s what you are. Your light is irresistible this Taurus season. Not only will you be feeling yourself but those around you see it, too. If you’ve been having a homebody moment, the Universe is saying get out of the house. Accept those after-work cocktail dates, dinner reservations, party invites and everything in between. Get cute, show up and show out because you never know who you may meet to expand your network. If you’ve somehow forgotten how magnetic and majestic you are, this is your season of remembering. Going shopping for a new outfit, or getting your hair and/or nails done are just the pick-me-ups you need. Be like a sunflower and grow towards the light, don’t shy away from it. Add sunflower seeds into your salads or keep some sunflowers close to inspire you. Before you leave the house, don’t forget to lather up in your beauty butter to keep that glow long-lasting!

54 Thrones Big African Beauty Butter
Aquarius | Queen of Wands ( Reversed) 

Put your ego aside this season. You may experience a breakthrough moment that shifts the trajectory of your plans, habits and even thought process. A humble attitude paired with an open mind is the exact approach to take—you never know where the Universe will (re)direct you. There’s always a divine plan in order. No matter how well-orchestrated your own plans are, remember you will always be pushed to where you are supposed to be. Adjustments are just detours to the master path. Stay teachable and don’t reject the lessons, valuable insight or advice being presented to you. Live your life with intention. You might also experience one or two moments this season that make you feel like you’re being challenged, but don’t allow your perception of yourself to be shaped by how others view you. This is a “stay low and build” kind of season, don’t put all of your cards on the table. 

Pisces | 2 of Wands

This earthly season shifts your attention to your body and health. Consider how you can transform into your healthiest version of self. What makes most sense for you and your lifestyle? Drastic implementations are harder to upkeep, so let this be your season of exploration as you flirt with realistic ways to elevate your life. Maybe it’s modifying the foods you eat, taking a different fitness class, learning to cook new recipes, or even trying a new modality such as body sculpting or dry brushing. Before you make any changes, ask your body what it needs. What’s currently missing from your health routine? It can be as simple as dedicating more time to trying a meditation practice or adding an extra hour or two to your sleeping schedule. If your passions lie in health and wellness, you might even find newfound inspiration to pursue a career in this space. Maybe you’re thinking about being a physical trainer, chef, wellness coach, nurse or even recipe writer…the options are limitless. The Universe advises you not to make any commitments yet, just get your feet wet and entertain the possibilities.

Food Saved Me: My Journey of Finding Health & Hope through the Power of Food
Aries | 10 of Swords

Taurus season may test your faith and patience, but trust the process. Don’t be afraid if things are cleared from your life during this time. Don’t compromise your wellbeing for the sake of holding on to the familiar. In the spirit of cleansing and purifying, you might be thinking this is the perfect time to develop a new regimen—like detoxing or removing sugar from your diet. These sacrifices could coincide with your spiritual practices, too. Taurus season will feel like the end of a cycle, but remember that endings open up the door to new possibilities. A clean slate gives you the freedom to recreate your life on your own terms. Embracing minimalism and holistic living could help kickstart the process. Some first steps include cleaning out the spaces in your home that are filled to capacity, like your refrigerator, medicine and spice cabinets, makeup drawers and closets. Releasing things from your life will only allow space for better things to come!


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