Sweet Scopes With Amber The Alchemist: Aquarius Season 2023

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Alchemist. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

The new year equates to fresh energy and new opportunities to recommit to your soul path and invest in your greater wellbeing. The Lunar New Year is among us, and the symbol of 2023 is the rabbit. In Chinese culture, the rabbit is associated with the moon. We can predict that the year ahead will be a time centered in faith, understanding, patience, skillfulness and exploring natural talents. You may notice some similar patterns and experiences from the last rabbit year in 2011 surfacing.  

On January 20, the Sun transits in Aquarius, marking a pivotal time for soul-searching and getting in tune with your true nature. Though Aquarians are known for their humanitarian spirit, you’ll be prone to spending less time turning up and more time turning within. Get to know yourself this season—your likes, dislikes and, specifically, what feeds your soul. Be your own source of validation. The more you lean into the quirks, the more at home you’ll feel in your body.

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and Venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Aquarius | King of Swords

Being light years ahead of the curve ain’t for the faint-hearted. You may have expected to be in a different place by now, but this is a season of cultivating patience and divine trust. You may be eager to get a project off the ground, but it’s detrimental to ensure that you have practices in place that will make your workflow easier and more efficient. Disorganization will only cause roadblocks in the future, so keep your feet on the ground. As you use this time to get things in order, also consider where boundaries would be helpful and be clear on who you can trust. Connecting with the color blue will help you be a better communicator, too. Learn from betrayals of the past. Sometimes the detours we face are the product of making our energy accessible to the wrong people. You are on your own timeline and in your own lane. Protect your plans. There may be less allies, but you’ll be relieved that you shed the dead weight.

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Pisces | 5 of Swords

The last thing you want to do is kick off the new year on a sour note. Put your mental health and well-being at the top of your list of priorities this month—that could look like finding a new therapist to help you unpack a recent falling out with someone close to you or helping you face some trauma from the past. If you have not learned how to listen to your inner voice and trust it, sometimes intrusive thoughts can creep in. Learn how to identify these thoughts, feelings and internal conversations—is it your higher self speaking, your ego, guidance from the Universe itself or are you picking up on some else’s energy? Your emotions only hinder you when you don’t understand them; learn about them so you can use them to your advantage. If you don’t know where to begin, this reflection deck created by a therapist is the perfect starting point. Add a single card pull to your morning wellness routine. 

Aries | Ace of Cups

You are a vessel of love this season and once you lean into that sweetness, you will start to see the Universe return that energy in your favor. Your fiery self takes center stage at any sign of betrayal, competition or pettiness. But rather than feeding the shade with more shade, feed it with lighthearted energy by simply ignoring. Your growth comes from self-restraint. You’ll have a tempting moment or two this season as you deal with the pride and projections of others, but once you stop taking it personally, it no longer affects you. On the bright side, just when you least expect it, a new love, promising connection or heart-fluttering opportunity could meet you at your doorstep. Nurture this new flow of love in your life with attention and optimism. If uncomfortable discussions are brought to the table, be receptive and willing to talk it out. Don’t let ego get in the way of a good thing—spread love the Tabitha way. 

Taurus | The Devil

Aquarius season introduces a plethora of invitations, interest and offerings, and the temptation is real. You have an ability to manifest experiences and possessions that compliment your natural lust for luxury, but it’s important to differentiate need versus desire. You are deserving of all the abundance you have worked for, but make sure you stay connected to your purpose, instead of feeding your ego. You’re called to exercise your higher judgment to avoid too many non-substantial material experiences. This is a warning to not get trapped by decadent temptations. If travel isn’t feasible right now, for example, try a candle scent that transports you to the islands. Be wary of making commitments solely for financial gain—that may cause complications in the future. Avoid instant gratificationno matter how tempting it is, it won’t be worth it.

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Gemini | The World

Exciting full-circle moments and celebrations are to come in 2023. Amazing opportunities are culminating and the pace is starting to pick up. Your unique voice and perspective will be in high demand, so lean into your chattier side and make yourself heard. Whether it’s podcasting, writing, voice acting, music, poetry, or even comedy, your gifts are welcomed. Shoot your shot and pitch yourself—you never know who will spot your talent. This is a season of taking your digital strategy to the next level, so start formulating content across platforms that will make your voice heard from all corners of the world. Your 3rd house of communication will be highlighted, so matters of communication, intellect, researching and education are enhanced. By mid-March, there could be an opportunity to travel and get paid for your gifts. Do not limit yourself or allow anyone to put you in a box. This could be the year that you finally have that viral moment or receive the acknowledgment you deserve, taking your purpose to the next level!

Cancer | 9 of Wands

You may understand that with great risk comes great reward, but your companions, family and friends may not share the same sentiment. If you’re intent on taking a new plunge, tune out any opposing opinions and take disciplined action to ensure the risk you are planning to take will all be worthwhile. In due time, they may understand, but even if they don’t, find peace in choosing yourself without considering everyone else first for a change. Aquarius season is individualistic in nature—use that as fuel to march to the beat of your own drum and take calculated risks that will provoke new possibilities. What others may perceive as impulsive could be exactly what you need to shake up mundane energies and cultivate intuitive trust. You may feel compelled to make a drastic change to your appearance such as a hair change or go through some kind of personal rebrandadorn yourself with good luck along the way. The theme of the season is liberation and making improvements that feel aligned with your true nature.

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Leo | 8 of Swords

New doors are opening that will push you towards new beliefs, feelings and identities that reflect your individual needs. Aquarius season compliments this energy, posing important questions that you can no longer turn a blind eye to. Leos are known to be loyal friends, but do not mistake loyalty for lack of accountability. Turning a blind eye to situations will only be a breeding ground for more anxiety and frustration. It could be time to initiate detrimental conversations and simply release yourself from relationships that no longer suit you. This includes shifts in your spiritual beliefs. Just because your old ways no longer resonate doesn’t make you less connected to the Universe. Open yourself up to new modalities that meet you where you are. Nutrient-dense foods will help you feel and think more clearly. Ask more questions and trust these new urges. 

Virgo | The World

When good news and opportunities simultaneously come to you, it can be really overwhelming, especially when you’re a natural-born overthinker. But don’t overthink your blessings, you worked for this. Think of Aquarius season as the introduction to your new book of life. You’re no longer in the same position you used to be and likely will be in an entirely different financial position. Don’t get too caught up in your ways of the past. Reimagine your life with the new tools and resources you’ve been given. Some of you have been waiting for the “right” time to start your family, and with this major life change you’ll feel more at ease about this new chapter. Pet companions are family, too—one might be the newest addition to yours. You deserve everything that’s coming your way, so don’t be guilty for being blessed! Thank the Universe in advance. 

Libra | The Magician

New creative ideas and inspired thoughts find you just as you rest your eyes each night. The dream world holds vivid visions that point to subconscious desires. Some people believe that in order to manifest, you have to be a little delusional, and there’s some truth to that. Manifestation isn’t just the act of building upon what you already have, it’s also considering the unimaginable, believing in yourself, and trusting in the Universe’s ability to turn thoughts into a tangible reality. This is a potent time to actualize a new reality, so plant new seeds based on what you’ve imagined in your dream world by writing in a journal. Those dreams and the feelings attached to them will feel more attainable. Change your verbiage from “I wish” or “I want” to “I have.” Those subtle shifts in how you communicate make these goals activeyou’re claiming them as already yours. 

Scorpio | 8 of Swords

You’ve been on a journey to self-healing, and, along the way, you’ve been crossed and challenged, but you’ve still maintained your faith and trusted the process. You are starting to feel more unstoppable with each day that passes. Continue to prove that your fears are simply illusions. You are transforming into someone who emotionally disconnects themselves from fear through investigating the feeling rather than becoming it. Challenge the status quo and prove your own irrevocable strength to yourself. Prepare to be amazed by your own power through your ability to self-correct in those moments where intrusive thoughts, assumptions and projections start to take up space in your head. Break free from limitations you’ve placed on yourself or have allowed others to place on you. Forgiveness and prospective adjustment will lighten your heart, reawaken your creative talents and help you see the world (and yourself) in a new light. 

Sagittarius | 2 of Wands

Torn between two paths or outcomes, you may find yourself feeling optimistic about the future, yet a little indecisive. In due time, clarity will find you, but you are advised to not force it. Don’t rush into anything without laying out a plan first. Rather than feeding temporary gratifications, prioritize your future and solidify long-term goals for yourself. Eliminate distractions that could cloud your judgment and trust your instincts. Your home may be your sanctuary, but remember, nature has its mental-clearing properties as well. Aquarius season can help you discover new things about yourself and your path. Lean on music’s healing abilities to soothe your soul and guide you through uncertainty. Pay attention to songs and bars that frequently come to your head, it could be the Universe’s response to your questions. Create a playlist with songs that affirm your power and recharge your energy. 

Capricorn | The Moon

Your claim to fame has come! Maybe you haven’t gotten the public stamp of approval you’ve been hoping for (though you could be soon!), but you are making an imprint in your industry. Your name is being said in rooms you couldn’t imagine and ascending to higher places and spaces. This season marks a pivotal time for the growth of your careers, businesses, home lives and partnerships. Power couples may be deepening their relationship and building an empire alongside one another. As your work continues to speak for itself, domestic matters may come to the forefront in this new chapter of your life. Invest in the little details that make your home feel comfy. Your previous schedule may have caused you to miss out on important moments, but you will soon be making less of those sacrifices. Prioritize time with your family, nurture your home with love, and even start to dream about where you want to live next. Along the way, continue to inspire your loved ones and push them to be their best selvesyou may realize that your goals converge.

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