Sweet Scopes With Amber The Conduit: Pisces Season 2023

Sweet Scopes is a Sweet July series in partnership with Amber the Conduit. Each horoscope season, we bring you tarot readings specific to your astrological sign, with beauty and wellness tips tailored to help you be your best self.

When the Sun moves into Pisces on February 19 until March 20, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. As the last sign of the zodiac cycle, Pisces energy is bound to shift and tug on our emotions. Soften your heart, practice forgiveness and nurture your childhood desires. Document how the Universe communicates to you through your dreams, signs and synchronicities. 

The 12th house of astrology, ruled by Pisces, reinforces lessons of the past that are fueling new ambitions and juicy connections. There will be intense themes of spiritual transmutation. You’ll be learning new lessons and re-remembering some of the painful parts of your journey that led you to where you are today. In order to move forward, sometimes, we have to revisit the past. What does self-trust look like to you?

Get your tarot readings below! (Read your sun, moon, rising, and Venus astrological signs for the most accurate guidance.)

Pisces | The Chariot

This season is all about taking big leaps that force you out of your comfort zone. You’ve spent more than enough time cultivating your creative projects, ideas, hobbies and goals, now it’s time to put them into action. You tend to be a cheerleader for others, so keep that same energy with your own aspirations and goals. Your own self-confidence will create the space for others to confirm you are doing something meaningful. Sometimes, you just need that external reminder—and that’s okay. These moves aren’t limited to your creative or professional pursuits. You could also be traveling for your birthday or planning your next vacation to get a dose of sunshine and relaxation. Commit to feeling good, from the inside out. Allow the Universe to reveal connections that bring the fire, passion, excitement and drive out of you. 

Aries | Ace of Swords

You should be receiving valuable insight from the Universe that will usher in new solutions and innovative ideas to help you realign with your big picture. Being on the receiving end of new opportunities and connections is promising in the next month ahead. However, the internal challenge will be deciphering and trusting what is truly for you. Read the room before you commit yourself to anything or anyone. Apply your past lessons and take some time to consult your higher wisdom. Then you make a decision. Sharpen your third eye chakra so you can see beyond what’s revealed to you. Carve out time to sit in stillness and listen to your inner voice. If you’re looking for confirmations, subscribe to the Hot Honey Line

Taurus | Death

It’s possible you’ll experience sensations like ear ringing/buzzing or even itchy palms. Ascension symptoms manifest in the body when your spiritual self is elevating. Your body picks up on these energetic shifts and sometimes temporarily responds. Of course, use your judgment and seek medical support if necessary. The next few weeks ahead will be filled with much-needed closure and maybe an emotional release. Everything that is being removed from your life at this time is for the greater purpose of your own expansion and evolution. There’s discomfort in the unknown, but don’t resist the change or doubt the timing. As soon as these energies are removed from your life, you will find yourself entering a state of peace and wholeness. You could have more free time to nurture your passions or spend time with your family. You might feel the urge soon to travel to new cities across the globe to immerse yourself in enriching experiences that build character. You could even be expanding your business to new territories. By changing environments, you’ll start this next chapter refreshed and ready to take on your next steps. 

Gemini | Knight of Swords

If it’s change that you seek, lean on your gift of gab to make it happen. You can’t expect others to show up in the same way you do—decisive, informed and focused—so you may need to communicate your expectations and needs. Whether it’s in a relationship, in a position of leadership or amongst a team, it’s essential to find a way to assert your power in a way that is receptive and respectful. If tough conversations need to be had, consider writing it down first, so you have clear points and the conversation doesn’t go astray. Light a blue candle to enhance conversational skills and critical thinking. You could also wear something blue

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Cancer | The High Priestess

You already know that water sign seasons tend to usher in clarity and emotional breakthroughs for you. The High Priestess connects you to what can be seen beyond what’s shown at face value. Your dreams or divinations can often reveal feelings or answer questions that have been posed through your subconscious. Take advantage of this opportunity. Apply these revealings to areas of your life that require attention. Who and what in your life has pure intentions? As you inch closer to new rewards, expansion, public success or even a new level of status, let your intuition help reveal who you should be celebrating with. If you’ve ever been curious about getting a reading or grabbing your first deck, release your fear and take that step. 

Leo | 3 of Wands (Reversed)

Revisiting your past can help you find the lessons you can apply to the next stage of our journey. These meditative moments can show you where you left situations too soon before considering appropriate solutions or where you could’ve asserted yourself more. Ask yourself: Am I giving myself the space and grace to evolve? Even in your least proud moments, no one has the right to judge you, and you shouldn’t judge yourself either. Much-needed conversations can resolve lingering situations. Identifying new tools and habits can help you settle unfinished business and work towards a clean slate and a clear consciousness. Bury any guilt, disappointment or shame that you’ve been carrying. You deserve to have this fresh start and those who do hold space for you to grow don’t deserve to experience who you’re becoming. Be okay with not being for everyone—this Omi Woods Hamsa Necklace can remind you of your power. You’re a gem and you’re going to shine regardless of how others perceive you.

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Virgo | Page of Cups

Pisces season comes bearing great news in the form of the accolades and validation you deserve. Just as you start to convince yourself that what you once sought out isn’t for you, you’ll receive news that confirms the exact opposite. The timing may be different than expected, but your moment to shine is on its way. Allow your friends, family and peers to celebrate your wins with you! If you’ve been keeping your good news on the hush, maybe it’s time to expose your new come-up and relish in the moment. Siri, play “Moment for Life” by Nicki Minaj! For the Virgos who’ve been quietly putting in that work, your time is coming to show the world all you’ve been working on. In your eyes, you still haven’t perfected this craft, but no one else cares about this perfection except for you. You have been and always will be more than enough. Don’t keep your divine gifts from the world because of imposter syndrome.

Libra | 9 of Wands

You often feel inclined to be the “bigger person,” but Pisces season is shaking up that energy. You might be showing people a different side of you than what’s expected. Commanding respect and communicating what’s bothering you doesn’t make you a difficult person. It’s best to communicate how you feel in the moment rather than wait. Avoid compartmentalizing your feelings and allowing these inconveniences to pile up. What may not be perceived as a big deal could become a big deal if left unaddressed. Venting can be healthy, but combustion isn’t productive. Try approaching conflicts with a solution-oriented mindset. Afterwards, exfoliate in a relaxing bath and release the energy from the day. Everything won’t always be peaceful, but you can find relief in honest expression.

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Scorpio | Temperance

It’s a healing season! Pisces season is here to expose all the uncomfortable feelings to help heal them for good. What’s holding you back will be revealed so that you can break free from those habits, thoughts and situations and return to a state of balance and inner peace. Prioritize your spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing by ridding yourself of anything or anyone that limits or distracts you. Your 5th house of creativity is highlighted, so you will find healing in returning to creative endeavors, passion projects, ideas and hobbies that have been tabled. Ramp up your spiritual hygiene by taking regular salt baths, meditating, lighting your candles and cleansing your home with things like sacred smoke and crystal healing. The less time you spend catering to your needs, the more prone you are to fall back into the habit of putting everyone else first. Return to your sense of self and balance out the scales. Find ways to cater to your needs, even if it’s just for five minutes! If your time still feels limited, delegating some of your responsibilities wouldn’t be a bad idea. Are you willing to surrender to some control?

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Sagittarius | Justice

Justice brings truth, clarity, and much-needed rewards. What you’ve been seeking is also seeking you. Many of you will be receiving new contracts and committing to the things and people you love. With important decisions on the horizon, make sure you’re communicating with those who these decisions could impact, such as your partner. You’re encouraged to speak from your heart and make decisions that come from the heart, too. Find the balance between logic and love, and you can’t go wrong. If you recently took a risk, Pisces season could confirm that your risk was exactly the right move. If you were denied an opportunity, you could be receiving information that confirms this situation was not for you. Sometimes rejection is divine protection! Many entrepreneurs and business-minded Sagittarians will be resolving pending legal situations and could even be collaborating with aligned partners. Be sure to have honest conversations about what your values and goals are; these conversations will expose how in tune you are with the people in your life. 

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Capricorn | 5 of Swords

This watery season is going to connect you to your emotional needs and redirect you toward what you want, yet haven’t felt courageous enough to pursue. Dare to dream bigger without limiting thoughts. The Universe wants to inform you that you don’t have to stay in the box: Spruce your home up, give yourself permission to stray away from the vision board. You will always find your way back home! Take heed of what and who may be pulling at you during this time and flirt with the idea of it. You don’t have to make any commitments, but stay open, be receptive and invite the unknown. There is magic in the unexpected! Embrace it. Along the way, you’ll be able to identify the conflict between your mind and heart that’s been deterring you from following your true north. Following your heart more will unite you with new people, places and experiences that you’ve been missing all along!

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Aquarius | Two of Swords

It’s not always what you say, sometimes it’s how you say it. It’s not your responsibility to make others feel more comfortable, however if you are trying to get through to someone, it’s best if you communicate to them in a way that takes the edge off. In these cases, try changing your tone to one that’s more empathetic and less matter-of-fact. Can’t get through to them via text? Pick up the phone and have an old-school conversation. People still do that, you know! With communication being an undertone of the season ahead, many of you might be exploring new outlets to express your passions, dreams, goals and desires. Unlock a new gift by being adaptable and allowing the Universe to guide you to new methods of self-expression. Just because you change how you move doesn’t mean that you’re changing your purpose. Stay true to you whilst opening up new portals to self-understanding and self-exploration.

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